Clean Cocktails from RAWR Hanley

Love cocktails?  So do I.  In fact, if you take a look at my Instagram over Bank Holiday it looks like all I did this weekend was drink cocktails… and you wouldn’t be completely wrong.  I’ve enjoyed one, twelve or a million cocktails in my time in both the UK AND abroad (those colourful umbrellas are worth the flight) and I’d say that that constitutes being an expert cocktail drinker.  A cocktail connoisseur if you will (yeah right) and so nothing pleased me more than receiving an email from one of my favourite local foodie places to say “Hey Charl!  We’ve just launched a new cocktail menu, fancy coming along and letting us know what you think?”  

Well yes RAWR, yes I would.  And so I did.

After the Newcastle-Under-Lyme superfood cafe was a RAWR-ing success, the owners, Gemma and Steve, opened a sister cafe right in the heart of the Cultural Quarter in Hanley.  Home to tsp., Klay, The Quarter and soon to be Bottlecraft, the Cultural Quarter is home to unique and independently owned businesses with great stories behind them that bring a splash of colour and flavour to the city.

RAWR Hanley stays true to the tried, tested and popular recipe of the OG superfood cafe but along with their much loved smoothies, take out wraps, salads and sandwiches, Hanley has pulled out all the stops with a hive that spans two floors and caters for those who may enjoy a little tipple over lunch.

With five cocktail categories to choose from; Classic, Coffee, Superfood, Gin and Whiskey, you’re pretty much spoiled for choice, especially considering they also stock an impressive range of gins to shake your tonic water at.

If you’re looking for more in your shot than just caffeine (most mornings make me feel this way) , an Espresso G&T may be right up your street, perhaps even a vodka laced Black Russian that just so happens to be my coffee liquor cocktail of choice.

The Superfood cocktails are where the new menu really comes into its own, using Gin, Rum, Quinoa Vodka (!?!?), fresh fruit juices, tea, botanicals and bold garnishes to deliver health conscious but delicious tasting drinks to enjoy whatever the weather.

Giving classic cocktails such as a Bloody Mary the RAWR Superfood treatment and the ultimate Pina Colada served in none other than a Thai young coconut, you’re pretty much covered, a grey and dreary afternoon Stoke can soon receive a quick injection of sunshine.

Fancy trying one for yourself?

Open from  12:00-7:30pm Tuesday through to Saturday, RAWR are offering an exclusive 25% off all cocktails from the new menu by letting a member of staff know that I sent you (best to give them a flash of this post too).  Lunch times tend to be a particularly busy period with shoppers and workers alike popping  in for their super green juices, deep filled sandwiches or a much simpler cappuccino so you’re best popping in a little later to bag yourself the best seat.

I took advantage in a steady couple of hours and sought refuge from the rain and sunk into one of their inviting armchairs with a view overlooking Piccadilly as I read my book and enjoyed a Rhubarb and Ginger G&T.   Delicious.

  • Issy Fox

    Aaah this post has made me miss cocktails, I might have pop in for a mocktail next time I’m up Hanley duck x