Puppetry of the Penis | Theatre Review

If there’s one thing which will make me screech with laughter in the foyer of a theatre and implore that you ABSOLUTELY MUST go and watch it, it’s Puppetry of the Penis.

Yes, that’s right. Penises. Penises and Puppetry. Puppet Penises some might say. Others might say “oh hell no, what on earth?” It seems that people aren’t quite prepared for the possibility of a male anatomy to resemble anything other than the male anatomy, and they certainly open to seeing it on stage at the theatre.

It’s a pretty simple set up if you’re not privy to it: two gentleman, one stage, two penises, four balls and a catalogue of everyday items to make out of… well. You get the hint. Thing of it as penis origami if you like.

Before you think that you’re in for an evening of erotica, this isn’t anything like Dreamboys or The Full Monty, there’s no baby oil involved and it’s not in the least bit sexual. Looking for a testimonial to that fact? The last time I saw Puppetry of the Penis in Stoke, I took my mum and she LOVED it. Raved about in fact. She even clapped her hands with glee when I told her that it would be returning for a show at Crewe Lyceum Theatre on the 20th May and again at the Victoria Hall in Stoke on the 23rd July.

The last time I saw it slap, bang, centre on the front row and the moment the gowns were removed I suddenly found ANYTHING more interesting what was on stage in front of me. I was looking at the ceiling, the floor, the number of ice cubes in my drink, my nails…. you know how people say that when a sleeping baby wakes you should never make eye contact with it? It was exactly like that. As much as I tried with all my might not to look directly at the penis, I a) kind of had to to enjoy the show and b) after the first few moments, ogling a man’s foreskin and testicles became as natural as picking out a ripe banana at the supermarket. Quite frankly, Puppetry of the Penis is the only time that I think it’s been acceptable to openly laugh at a man’s genitalia.

If you’re on the market for an evening full of laughter, penises, puppetry and a few drinks (let’s face it, who isn’t?) then I highly recommend that you pick up a ticket or two, go against your better judgement and take a seat for the weirdest yet strangely mesmerising experience whilst at the theatre.