Plus Size Parka with ASOS Curve

The beginning of October swiftly brought an end to the mild weather of a relatively bright September. A somewhat imperceptible chill in the air coupled with the turning of leaves have led the way for turning on the fire, coming home to evenings under a duvet on the sofa with cosy scented candles burning and a plethora of films to see my through the winter months. All well and good on the dark evenings, but come the morning the comfort of a warm and inviting evening are a distant memory and I’m faced with a bitter cold wind to contend with on my journey into work. Much like switching out your lightweight summer bedding for brushed cotton covers and a high tog, come the change in seasons I’ve rendered my silk bombers “neither use nor ornament” as my mum would say and turn my gaze to more substantial and practical outerwear.

I love structured coats that make me feel like I’ve stepped straight out of the wardrobe of Andy post transformation in Devil Wears Prada. I always longed to wear a tailored white wool coat and be the kind of person who wouldn’t spill her coffee or accidentally smudge lipstick on the sleeve, alas, I am not that girl. If I’m dressing down and dashing out of the house in a bubble hat sans le make up to pop to the shop (for more wine + savoury snacks for that movie binge) I want to wrap up warm in something relaxed and comfortable. Only seems natural I do it in a parka.




I bought my first parka three years ago from Matalan and despite worrying that I’d look like the love child of Saj from East is East and Liam Gallagher, I lived in it. It was camo print, it had a fur trim around the hood, it passed the requirements for “practical, warm coat” and “looking cool as hell” and it was so easy to just throw on. I’ve worn it to death. It’s been through the wash multiple times, the zip is broken and there’s a tear on the seam of the arm and as much as I hate to admit it… it’s long past its sell by date and I’ve certainly got my monies worth.

So I bought a new one.

This parka was marketed on the Curve section of ASOS as a “summer parka” which is surprising considering the thickness of it and it’s “snuggliest coat in the world” award winning padded lining. It’s deceivingly insulated without making me resemble the Michelin man or looking lik I’m wearing a sleeping bag and the adjustable cord pull tie waist still means that I can give the coat some shape, should I need to. Aesthetics aside, I feel as though I’ve wrapped myself inside my quilt and left the house in it when I wear this coat and for just under £30, it’s an absolute steal.

This coat went into the sale at the end of summer, annoyingly, but ASOS Curve have a number of plus size parka on their website at the moment including some fur lined beauties and some more light weight numbers if that’s what you’re looking for.