He Leaves You Out Like a Penny in The Rain

I don’t usually talk men/relationships/love on my blog because I’m not exactly an expert on all that jazz and I don’t want to come across as some sub par Carrie Bradshaw (with less shoes). However, occasionally I do make the odd observation or simply need to vent my frustrations at the opposite of sex and I find that here is as good a place as any.

I posted a tweet last night after spending a large part of my evening on the phone with girlfriends of mine with the conversation revolving around one thing and one thing only – men.

It appears that Tuesday the 4th of December 2012 will forever (or at least this blog post) be known as “the day that all men started to act like absolute assholes” day. (I know there are several MANY MANY days of the year that deserve that title but for the purpose of this blog post Tuesday was the day.)

By my 3rd phone call of the night where some guy was making one of my good friends feel like sh!t, and I was having to pull compliment after compliment out of my ass and reminding said friend about how amazing their life is, I began to wonder (and publicly tweet)

“why is it that beautiful, smart and out of this world bitches base their self worth on what some guy with a raging boner thinks of her?” – and the RT’s and * favourites and “HELL YES!” replies came in thick and fast.

How many times, as a woman, have you been going out somewhere exciting/looking and feeling fabulous/celebrating something/feeling hella good about yourself, only to have some guy swoop in and piss all over your metaphorical bonfire?

*raises hands in the air, jumps up and down, does the cha cha slide*

I’m not going to sit here and get all preachy about girls who do this and then pretend that I’m not guilty of it, because thats ludicrous. It’s something I’m completely guilty of doing, whether thats being embarassingly honest or not. Despite knowing in my heart of hearts that I’m not a “bad catch” (I have a GSOH, all of my own teeth, can make a mean spag bol etc) any positivity I feel about myself can be completely counteracted in a text message/phone call and I’ll be the one ringing my friend wailing “why doesn’t he like meeeee?” while drastically throwing the contents of my kitchen cupboards into the bin in a bid to lose 300 stone and completely restyling my entire “look” in my head. I think sometimes its important to practise what you preach (pardon the cliche) – I think so many of us give advice to others when we don’t put it to use in our own lives.

My advice over the years to friends is that when it comes to men, if a guy that you like makes you feel as though you’re not good enough for them or they make you feel inferior – it’s probably a good indication that he isn’t good enough for you and isn’t worth bothering with. A guy who deserves everything you have to offer (that GSOH/all your own teeth/spag bol making abilities etc) should make you feel like a million bucks baby, and not a battered old penny in the rain?


P.S I’m not a crazy man hating b!tch, I promis

  • I was cracking up laughing at this whole post. Amazing. Dams straight girl, I spent years of my life feeling shitty about myself and my weight because boys/men were complete twats to me. Then I thought well you know what if you don’t like me as I am then tough titty. Now I have been in a relationship with someone for 4 years who has loved me fat and thin well not thin put you get the picture, and its worth waiting for someone like that passing up the idiots and learning to realise that you are worth something!

    Love this post!!!!!!!

    Callie xx

    • Charlotte

      Precisely! This is what I’m talking about and it’s poop that we concentrate so much time and effort on boys who basically just do g deserve that time when there’s lovely boys like your fella up for grabs :) xxx

  • Loved reading this and you should do more posts like this (not specifically on men, of course) because you write so well! xo

    • Charlotte

      I’m glad you liked it hun – I get worried writing such long posts about non beauty stuff incase people zone out haha means a lot thank you xx