Panache: Learn the Fit Event

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to attend Panache HQ to take part in a blogger event, where I got to meet up with some lovely bloggers (old and new faces) and take part in a Panache “Learn the Fit” days. If you’re not familiar with Panache, they’re a family run D+ lingerie and swimwear who were founded in 1982 and first started producing their own in-house design s in 1989. Fast forward to 2012, with the development of 4 lingerie ranges and 2 swimwear ranges under their belts, Cleo, Masquerade, Sculptress to name a few …Panache are becoming the go to brand for D+ lingerie and swimwear.

Our Learn the Fit day was ran by Karen of the Little Big Bra Shop and was ultimately a fit school that Panache would put on for independent suppliers of the range. This would consist of the retailers being taught about the importance of a good fitting bra and the best Panache bra for their customer.

panachebracomponentsComponents of a bra


As a woman, I know all to well that there’s nothing worse than spending the whole day in an ill fitting bra and being absolutely desperate to go and home, remove said bra and hear angels singing (and consider burning it). The aim of the day was for us to go “bra school” and learn everything we needed to know about fitting the right size bra. dependent on size and shape, not all types of bra will suit all body shapes. Karen taught us that a “fitting” a bra is a lot different from a bra “measuring” service. You may well be a 34C, but bras aren’t a “one size fits all” situation, its important that the bra you “plunge” for (geddit?) fits your particular shape correctly, as wearing the wrong size and shape of bra can cause all kinds of booby problems.


Panache range examples on the gorge models


A bad fitting bra VS a good fitting bra

These can be health problems, such as neck, back and shoulder ache, irritation of the skin caused by your shoulder or bra strap digging into your skin, and that all too familiar pain of the underwire that can damage breast tissue. Health aspects aside, I know one of the main reasons I wear a bra is to make my boobs look better. When you’re wearing the right size and fit of bra, not only will you feel comfortable it will also lift the bust to give a slimmer and smoother appearance, aswell as aiding with posture. (all leading to that “LOOK AT THOSE PUPPIES” affect)

I’ve always been open about the fact that I don’t think I’m wearing the right size bra – infact a massive 80% of UK women aren’t. I’ve never had a bra fitting, I’ve always guestimated my bra size and have bounced between a 38C and 40C – in MY head. Are you looking at the computer thinking “WHY HAVE YOU NEVER HAD A BRA FITTING, YOU STRANGE WOMAN?” The answer is simply because I’m a wuss. I’m no prude, but I’m not the most confidence about getting my body out infront of a complete stranger (I’m the type of girl who gets changed in the bedroom under a sheet to hide her wobbly bits a la Bridget Jones)

I was eager to get a bra fitting at the event, purely to put my mind at ease once and for all and to basically stop myself wasting money on these uncomfortable and ill fitting bras. Karen made me feel absolutely at ease during my fitting, we discussed what size bra I had been wearing, why this wasn’t necessarily the right size for me, what I wanted from my perfect bra and what shapes would be best for me. And unlike my preconceptions of what a bra measuring WOULD be like I was pleased to learn that I didn’t have to get my bare chest out

Was I wearing the wrong size? yep, I’m among that 80% of women in the UK in the wrong size. I’d been wearing a 40C and figured from the discomfort I’d been experiencing (have you seen how much I whinge about my bra on Twitter?) I figured I’d be upping my band size. Nope. I was thrilled to learn that I should be wearing a 38DD – HELLO BANGERS.




After the fit school we were shown around Panache HQ, were given a presentation by the designers of the different ranges and talked through how they develop the range and were shown some of their style boards (I get far too excited about these types of things) aswell as getting a sneaky look at some of the releases for 2013.


I loved this quotation from the Creative Room – it was full of inspiring and lovely quotes like this – such an inspiring and fun space – can I work here please?

I found the day at Panache to be super informative, I didn’t know there was so much to learn about boobs and bras and it was so good to learn more about Panache and all of the different ranges they stock. All it leaves now is some guilty payday splurging on some of my favourite pieces from the range (I want all of the Cleo range, not even joking)

The day was made even more amazing by the chance to meet some amazing and beautiful fellow bloggers, Becky, Elena, Betty, Toni and of course I got to meet Sophia (finally!) and Rosie (love of my blogging life). ┬áNot forgetting Fay from Panache and the lovely Maria and Katie from Best British Bloggers – thank you for having us ladies!



Such a long post – going to make a brew now and make a 38DD bra wishlist…

  • Emma

    I think I’m your 200th follower, woohoo!
    This was so informative – I didn’t even know this brand existed! Im definitely guilty of never being measured – for fear of being nakey in front of a strange woman with a tape measure haha.
    I really like your blog it’s fab :) xxx

  • Kumba Dauda

    This is a really interesting post! Ive been meaning to get measured for a long time now, you posting this has reminded me I have to do it! Health indications are never a great thing .. I will be popping into a bra fitting as soon as ! haha