OSIS – Dancing On Ice Style

Because I can be rather lazy when it comes to hairstyles, and the fact that the weather plays havoc with my frizzy hair I’ve become a big fan of wearing my hair up. This consists constantly of either a) a ponytail b) a messy bun or c) a doughnut bun. Exciting – huh?

So when I was asked if I would like to try and recreate a Dancing On Ice updo, worn by Olympian Beth Tweddle … I thought it would be perfect to drag me out of my pony/bun rut.

FISHTAIL BRAIDS ARE THE BAIN OF MY LIFE. Despite them being incredibly simple to do and watching a YouTube tutorial by Miss Lauren Conrad I couldn’t master a fishtail braid on myself, so I pulled in my cousin to be my human Girlsworld and be my fantabulous model.



How to get Beth Tweddle’s Look

Blow dry the hair smooth using large round brush and OSiS Body Me to get rid of frizz and give shine.

Brush up into high ponytail and secure with band. Leave enough hair out at front to create fringe.  Spray with OSiS Freeze to keep hair secure and shiny.

Add tiny amount of OSiS Magic to ponytail for shine and plait the pony tail into 7 fishtail plaits.

Wrap around 3 of the pre prepared fishtail plaits and secure on crown.

Create a shape using the 4 remaining fishtails giving height at crown. Make sure they are pinned in well using kirby grips

Spray with OSiS Freeze for hold and then finish with OSiS Sparkler for a super glossy finish.

I’ve literally had to wrestle the “Body Me” and the “Sparkler” off my cousin.

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