FASHION || I Miss Your Ginger Hair & The Way You Like To Dress

Last week I posted about my desire to start posting more Outfit of the Days on here (#OOTD to the blogger initiated). I took my recent trip to the Panache Head Quarters as the perfect opportunity to do some casual posing outside of the train station with Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady and Rosie from A Rose Like This. Its taken a lot of contemplating getting into this “plus size blogging” world, purely because of the negativity I’ve seen it leave people open to.

However, on Thursday I got to spend the day with some absolutely amazing, beautiful and hilarious bloggers from the plus size fashion world and thought… “who cares if I think my butt is too big or my legs aren’t as long and leggy as Tyra Banks”.  I bloody love reading outfit posts, they give me so much inspiration/I steal stylish peoples ideas to feed into my own wardrobe, and its always been an other avenue I’d like to shimmy this blog down. Plus, an excuse to buy more clothes can’t be a bad thing – right?  Enable me people.




Skirt – Primark // Denim Shirt ASOS Curve // Black Vest – Dorothy Perkins // Studded Boots – Primark (<3) // NecklaceCharms and Chains

I also got rather excited by the inflatable giraffe at the Panache day – I came over all kinds of “ohmygod its like Henry the giraffe that Khloe has in the Kardashians” (you’ll only get this reference if you’re a Kardashians fan, I’m so sad.)


CHECK OUT THE DOPPLEGANGER.  She’s much prettier and tanned than I am, obviously, but it excited me all the same.

(apologies for my awkward like posing, this is my OOTD virginity being taken right here.  It was slightly uncomfortable, kind of enjoyable and I can’t wait to try it again.)

  • Clare

    Loving your outfit sweetie… You should do more of these I love them xx

  • ULIMATE BABE!!!! also I am deffo a pro with a digital camera ;)

    • Charlotte

      You need to take all of my pictures thanks, pro photographer

      (you are the ultimate BABE)

  • You look gorgeous and omg those giraffe photos, how amazing hahahaha!

    Sophierosehearts x

    • Charlotte

      Cheers chick! I miss the giraffe already…. :(

  • Eeeeeee YOU BABE YOU <3 xo

    • Charlotte

      CHEERS EARS xo

  • Lil

    Loved your outfit on Thursday, a denim shirt works so well over so many ensembles. I’ve fallen out of love with outfit posts on my own blog as of late, but I too felt super inspired by the Panache event and all the lovely ladies I met – I think it’s given me a little confidence to try again! xx

    • Charlotte

      Aw thank you honey! I do love a denim shirt. I was admiring your outfit, so cute and quirky – I hope you fall back in love with outfit posts so I can steal some cute and quirky from you ;) xx

  • Hummy

    Was that taken at Sheffield Station?

    • Charlotte

      Yep, trainspotting geek

  • Love the outfit, I am a huge fan of denim shirts over skirts look forward to more OOTD posts x

    • Charlotte

      A find a denim shirt a nice lightweight version to a jacket, and they go with everything! Thanks x

  • I want to steal the giraffe… you look hot too though ;) x

    • Charlotte

      They wouldn’t let me steal the giraffe! And THANKS DOLL x

  • CUTE! You did good, the posing is the hardest/most awkward part. Thing is with blogging everyone is a different size and shape anyway (that’s the beauty of it!) so it’s not really an issue. Except to dickheads who will find something bad to say about anything given the chance.

    • Charlotte

      Thank you! The posing part is definitely the hardest part – one day I will have the Tyra Banks pose-esque that you appear to have perfected! Only positive things said so far *fingers crossed* bye bye d!ckheads x

  • YES! So proud. I was so nervous about posting my first OOTD but I’m planning another soon. xx

    • Charlotte

      Thank you! You spurred me on! x