OOPS… Bubble Soda Mask

I recently shared some of my favourite sheet mask discoveries that have saved my skin during the winter period but there was one that I just had to save for a post all of its own.

The Oops Soda Bubble Mask looks like one of those gimmicky Korean beauty products that are too fun and often too good not to try.  If there’s one thing that Koreans know, its their skincare and after hearing amazing things about the Sephora Bubble Mask from Khila, I simply HAD to pick a box of 5 of the Aqua Fruit sheet masks when in the full throws of a sheet mask haul in my local TK Maxx.  Working out at £1.50 a pop, I figured you only live once and who doesn’t want a face full of bubbles in the name of skincare research?

The Oops Bubble Soda Masks are a little different to a standard sheet mask in that it doesn’t cover the entirety of your face. Focused specifically on the nose, cheeks and chin area, it leaves the forehead free of product, which isn’t too much of a hardship for me as I wouldn’t cite it as one of my problem areas.  Upon opening the individual sachet, the mask itself is a pinky/peach shade and feels similar in texture to other serum soaked sheets, except once exposed to air and smoothed onto the skin, after being left for 5-10 minutes the serum begins to foam thanks to the carbonated sparkly water.  And foam.  And foam.

Through the foaming bubble action, the Oops Bubble Soda Mask promises to cleanse and exfoliate to remove dead skin cells rather than the hydrating values of the majority of other sheet masks on the market.  The instructions do say to simply “pat” the remaining essence into the skin once the sheet itself is removed but I just found that this made my skin stickier and meant that the remaining product lathered somewhat as a result.  Not ideal.  I rinsed the excess off with some clean water and allowed to try and you know what?  My skin didn’t feel too bad.

Granted, it’s not particularly a life changing mask, I could certainly take it or leave it and yes, it’s perhaps a little more gimmicky than they are great but my skin did feel smoother as promised and there was a slight tingling as the product worked its magic.