BEAUTY || One Direction Make Up


Last night Leicester Square in London was full of hormonal teens who’d camped out since as early as Sunday evening in the hopes of catching a glimpse of boyband phenomenom One Direction (why you’d want to meet someone you’re obsessed in love with after spending 2 nights in a sweaty tent in the middle of London, I don’t know. Hugging Harry Styles with over Batiste’d hair and not so fresh pits would not be my ideal meet cute, thats for sure). With singles, albums, bed covers, a fragrance, pencil cases, dolls and now a film under their belts, there was only one way (or another) for the boys to go next…

One Direction Make Up.

Purse friendly make up range MUA have been raved about since they first launched in Superdrug stores nationwide. With a few PR mishaps in their nail polish speckled history but a reputation for producing quality products at affordable prices, MUA have well and truly come up with PR GOLD with their latest venture.

The One Direction make up range comprises of 1D “Oh My Glow” Blush, “Little Things” nail polish, “Kiss You” lipsticks (with embossed bullet – fancy!) and “Kiss You” lip polish – all available in One Direction themed shades and is available online and instore.


Surprisingly I’ve heard only good things about the actual products, so when I was in Superdrug recently I picked up two of the cheek tints… and they’re pretty impressive.  I planned not to blog about them as every man, his dog, his dogs fleas and their next door neighbour seemed to be blogging.  But I caved and now I’m getting in on the action purely so I can post Liam Paynes picture on my blog without seeming like a dirty cougar.


The colours I picked up were Rose Riot and Coral Cutie (I’m swatching Rose Riot).

I can’t make cream blushers work. I have to mattify my skin within an inch of its oil producing life so to apply cream over the top means it either rubs off the foundation OR it creates some weird kind of paste which makes my cheeks patchy. This is different.


I swipe it across my cheek and then stipple/buff with a dry flat topped kabuki brush to blend it out, it then sets semi matte while still giving that radiant glow that a cream blush gives. The colour pigmentation and pay off is impressive for the price, a little goes a long way (I learnt this the hard way after a first attempt going a little Charl the clown awry).

For a “celebrity endorsed” range, the One Direction makeup is really impressive, I swatched the Kiss Me lipsticks which were also super pigmented – the only reason I didn’t buy is because I already have ALOT of lipsticks in similiar shades.

And at £3 per item it isn’t going to break any Directioners (or regular make up fans) banks.