Uncle Eric Hard Days Night – A Review

Speaking of men (and geeks)… I appear to have developed abit of an uhm… thing for men + the theatre (+ geeks) + music = it appears this combination can = a happy Charl.

This was ignited by a trip to le theatre to see something that people in Stoke like to call “Uncle Erics Hard Days Night.”  I was reassured that it was hilarious and full of awesome music, and despite my initial reservations, I dragged my fabulous ass out and joined lots of ladies with blue rinses and a gent called Gordon Banks (I shit thee not).  Funny yes.  Music good, yes.  However, a particular case of tight trousers + geek glasses + musical instruments (not in an American Pie kind of way!) is what sold it to me.

Red flag to a bull doesn’t cover it #notevenashamed

If you live in Stoke, I recommend checking this here show out AND if you don’t live in Stoke (you poor things, you’re missing out) I recommend hopping onto a car/bus/bike/tramp steamer and visiting the land of the oatcake to see it.  It may at first appear to be an old lady and stretchy waistbanded skirt kind of thing, but fear not – if you aren’t sold by some good old comedy moments and some surprisingly awesome music (which made me LOL and dance, in that order) then go for the men/guitars/singing/drums and thank me later.

If I had pictures of said hot guys to hand, I’d be so posting them here for you to salivate over but instead you’ll have to go and see them for yourselves OR a good old Twitter stalk/salivate over them wouldn’t go amiss.  You can thank me later.

Click here to MAYBE get the chance to see the only hot men that will be in Stoke EVER .