If I had a map of Britain, my happenings over the last couple of weeks would leave a flurry of excited #bblogger shaped trails up and down the country. April seemed to be the month of all of the Blogger meet ups IN THE WORLD, and I attended 3 of them. I’m going to split them down into 3 manageable bitesize chunks… starting with…


The Nottingham meet up was first on my list – organised by the lovely Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady, I had been bursting with excitement for this meet up, mainly because I would get the chance to see some of my much loved blogger friends and meet some new ones. I made my way to Nottingham on the train where I met Gemma from Buttons Blog, Charlotte from Lilmisschickas and Rhiannon from The Barbelle.

We made a pitstop to Weatherspoons for some fuel where we met Sophia and lots of lovely blogger ladies including Jessie from The Bode Boutique who is my new favourite person ever, and I lost my Eggs Benedict virginity (so, so, so good).


Sophia had arranged for us to pop along in groups to Kiehls in Nottingham, where their lovely staff gave us each a skincare consultation and recommended what Kiehls product would be best suited to our skin types/what we look for in a skincare.  We were also treated to a champagne and cupcake breakfast which combined with skincare was absolute perfection and a lovely little touch to a meet up to attend a mini brand event.  The ladies at Kiehls were absolutely lovely and it was a very informative hour.

After the Kiehls trip we all split up into little groups to do a bit of shopping (Gemma and I headed to Primark to bag this dress for the impending London trip as I’d discovered that the dress I had delivered didn’t turn up – stressful) The penultimate treat for the day was a meal at TGI’s, which despite its reputation I’ve never been to before.


We pretty much took over TGI’s and ate, drank and chatted until we were party pooped.  It was so lovely to catch up with bloggers old and new and it was such a busy but fun filled day.  I dragged my tired but fabulous butt old with Gemma and had a rifle through the amazing goody bag on the train.  There’s nothing like the sight of 2 over excited beauty bloggers fawning over lipstick, moisturisers and Liz Earle goodies.


 Big massive props to the lovely Sophia for organising the day – if she were a Little Miss character she would be Little Miss Organised. The day ran ever so smoothly and without her I think there’d still be some beauty bloggers wandering around Nottingham city centre.  Also big thank you to Jess and Sophie who also helped to organise the day – I had such a lovely day!

  • Jessie

    You are also my new favourite person lady! xo