New(ish) Hur, Don’t Cur

I’m constantly battling with my hair and no matter what I do to it I always get bored of the style and plan to do something drastic and just don’t. After years of fighting a losing battle with frizzy ginger hair, as soon as straighteners were introduced into my life I became a p-p-p-poker straight haired kind of gal. Side parting, straight hair. BOOM. Boring as sin.

I’ve been dabbling with a full fringe for a couple of years on and off, when I say dabbling its because its the most annoying thing in the world. I’m certain a full fringe involves more upkeep than a baby does. After a long sweaty day in the sun (which is the kryptonite of a full fringe – always carry a can of dry shampoo) I centre parted my fringe to keep it out of my eyes.

“Your fringe looks lovely like that” remarked mummy Charl.newhaircharl1I took a picture and sent it to a more reliable hair source with the caption “DOES MY HAIR LOOK TW*TTY LIKE THIS?” Apparently it didn’t, it looked nice. I’ve been wearing it like this for the last few days and I’ve had a few compliments on it (a man at work actually said I looked glamorous – I think he was drunk) but I can’t help but think when I blow dry it into a center parting then I’m chanelling Brian Mcfadden/Ben from A1/H from Steps/David Beckham circa 10 years ago.

As I’ve been wearing it with this wave in it or is it bed hair?  I dunno.  It’s that long since I’ve done anything to create bed hair that I may aswell be bald.  I’ve also been craving a bit of “just got back from the beach, b!tches” ombre. Dare I do it again, dare I? (bearing in mind the last time I ombred it went completely wrong and half my hair fell out)


What do we think?  90’s throwback?  To ombre or not ombre?  Its a Monday and I apparently can’t make any decisions for myself.

  • Simon Bowers

    Don’t know what ombre means; your ‘centre/not centre’ parting looks lovely, your hair always does!
    Must be a hair day, my post this morning is all about my ridiculous hairstyles.

  • I like the colour of ur hair. Did your hair really fall out after ombre?? was considering trying it myself. I think you should go for it, looks great in the pics. Plus it’s SUMMER! new summery hair!!

  • Haha, well I am a long-time centre part wearer, so of course I don’t think it’s a Bryan McFadden throwback. I also really like the waviness in the first picture. I think if you want an ombre and you had problems last time you need to go to a salon!

  • Joy

    I agree with Sarah – get ya sen to a salon if you had problems with ombre last time. It’d be more cost effective in the long run if you had issues last time! I’m platinum bottle blonde and wouldn’t touch bleach with a barge pole myself. I leave it the pros. And if my hair falls out, I’ll sue (kidding, not kidding).

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