FASHION || & If You Never Shoot You’ll Never Know

I find that these outfit posts are really popular – seems that just as I love nosing at what other people wear, other people like to nose at what I wear.  Mirror photographs may not be the best quality or inspiring blog photos, but at the moment this is what I’m working with (and they’re originally only taken to put on Twitter or to send to friends to say “does this dress look stupid?”)imageI wore this outfit on Sunday night to go and see musical heavy weights The 1975 at The Sugarmill in Stoke.  Those of you who know me and read this blog regularly will know that I heart The 1975, so I was really looking forward to watching them perform – post number 1 album success.  imageThe dress is a tshirt dress I picked up in the sale at ASOS for about £9 – its an absolute bargain (but sadly isn’t on there anymore!).  I love it because the fabric is quite thick for a tshirt dress so it doesnt tend to cling like thinner fabrics do.  Its also the perfect length between being a midi and being too short.

The jacket is a jersey boyfriend blazer which I picked up at Primark years ago and my has it done me proud.  I love throwing a blazer over an outfit, I think the tailoring just pulls together an outfit and makes the whole outfit look sharper.

These black wedge suede effect boots from George @ Asda are the new loves of my life. They’re the perfect height, they’re comfortable and the fact that they’re a wedge with a slight platform makes me feel very Geri Halliwell circa the Spice Girls when I wear them.  ALWAYS a good thing.imageI took my momma bear along to the gig with me as my love of The 1975 rubbed off on her and shes equally as addicted to dancing around the living room to Chocolate as I am.  Here we are practising our trout pouts for the camera (she hasn’t quite perfected the perfect selfie face, I love her dearly).

  • Jessica

    I am rather embarrassed to admit that my OOTDs and OOTNs would also be shown via a mirror shot. This is mainly because I haven’t yet mastered the timer on my camera, and because my Mom refuses to take pictures of me. :P But both outfits are supercute, and I am pretty sure that you got an awesome deal on the T-Shirt Dress…my brain doesn’t feel like doing Maths today. :D

  • All my OOTDs are mirror shots haha I’m too embarrassed to ask someone to take one for me!
    Love the style of the dress and the pattern.
    Sarah xxx

    -Sarah Speaks