National Cleavage Day 2013

Lets talk about boobs baby.

Bangers, wangers, tits, boobs, love jugs – whatever you (or your fella) likes to call them, we love them.  Big, small, perky, saggy, big nipples, little nipples, one bigger than the other?  Completely normal.  There is no rule when it comes to boobs.  I’ve never once heard a guy comment “oh dear, I’m not a fan of those boobs” – most would sacrifice a season of football just to get a handful of boobage (and their left arm to partake in some motorboat action)

Men love them, I love them.  Only the other night was I Skyping a couple of my favourite #BBloggers and was greeted by their voluptous cleavages.  I’m of the opinion that if you’ve got it, flaunt it.  And if you’re going to flaunt it at least ensure that you’re flaunting it in something pretty or sexy.


To celebrate National Cleavage Day 2013, Simply Be are trying to break the Guiness World Record for the most bra fittings in one week.  A large proportion of UK women are wearing the wrong size bra, me included!  (I need to get this sorted, I know – SOMEONE VOLUNTEER TO OVERHAUL MY BOOBS!)

To celebrate a nation of fabulous bangers, they’re offering £5 off a bra of your choice through this week, and on Wednesday – thats today boob fans, they’ll be offering a double discount (or a DD) of £10 in store.  Bargain banger holders!

Happy National Cleaveage Day Girls (& boys!)

  • It’s great there’s a day to celebrate our feminine assets and recognise that everybody’s boobs are different – however I do feel there should be some tie-in to checking your breasts regularly for lumps with this campaign!

    • Charlotte

      I agree. I think this is campaign which is aimed around women wearing the right size bra, as tongue in cheek as this post is there should definitely be some kind of tie in to do with checking breasts for lumps and irregularties, as its absolutely imperative that women do this regularly x

  • Hummy

    I’m happy to volunteer, except I’m pretty sure you’d still be none the wiser about an accurate size! :-P

    • Charlotte

      Cheeky! You’re on though! :-P