& My Shirt Looks So Good, When Its Just Hanging Off Your Back

It’s rare that I’m ever in the position to take photos for an outfit of the day (or #OOTD as the cool people say), which is why they’ve very few and far between. I’m usually dependent on someone being in the position to take the pictures for me on a day where I don’t think I look like a pile of “bleurgh” (on work days I choose more sleep over getting up and being glam).

Despite the down pour of rain on a particularly wet and gloomy day in Birmingham yesterday thus flattening my perfectly coiffed and curled hair into a flat pancake of gingerness, I was a) quite comfortable in my outfit and b) had someone to take pictures for me.

 This was my “get up” for The 1975 gig at the Birmingham Institute that I blogged about earlier.  I pulled out my denim shorts, my opaques, a trusty white shirt and my biker jacket for a laid back “industry of cool” look.  I know they’re not the slimmest thighs you’re ever going to see, infact I would call them amazonian, BUT I’ve become much more comfortable with getting my pins out lately (providing they’re flanked by lots of black opaque-ness).  I’m hoping my gym sessions will make them a little more “Beyonce” than “Nelly The Elephant” sometime soon and will stop them from jiggling for a whole week after I’ve danced to Bootylicious in my bedroom mirror.   Due to the cold and the rain, I also thought I’d show some “dressing appropriately” effort by throwing on this printed scarf to add a smidge of colour to the outfit #foreverinappropriatelydressed

(title taken from the song “Sex” by The 1975 – I thought it was pretty apt)

  • Waheeeeyyyy! Loving your ootd Charl, you’re looking amazing! X

  • Ania

    You look great! I have started following your blog recently, obviously read it from back to back and just thought that I might as well leave a comment to let you now how much I enjoy every single one of your posts. Keep it up xx

  • Ania


  • you look FITT.
    I hope you’ve got pet insurance, ‘cos I would destroy that pussy.

  • You actually look alright here