My Guilty Pleasure: Andy Shaw Guitar

I wouldn’t like to say that I’m predictable, but if you asked someone who knows me (and my guilty pleasures) to describe 5 things that I love they’d be: lipstick, wine, Taylor Swift, One Direction and men who play guitars.

Andy Shaw manages to combine 3 of my greatest loves in the following guitar solos. I was lucky enough to see Andy perform as party of the ┬áband at the Loserville musical I wrote about a couple of months ago, and then later at an exclusive “James Bourne from Busted” gig in Camden.

I watched his cover of Ms Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and was blown away. I then lost 45 minutes of my life procrastinating and drooling over the other solo covers on his channel (men, guitars – I can’t help it!) I was intending to post the Taylor Swift video at some point, and then low and behold – I go onto his channel and now he’s only gone and uploaded a cover of “Kiss You” by One Direction… WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL WANT?

I thought it would be only fair to share this uhmazing talent with you (you’re welcome by the way) and you can find Andy on Twitter here @AndyShawGuitar if you want to tell him words to that affect.