The Must Have Autumn Edit


If kimonos are the preferred cover up and aviators are the must have accessories for the summer, then blanket style wraps, wide brimmed hats and fur collars are most definitely becoming the must have accessories for winter.

When the weather takes a turn for the worse the last thing you want to do is the leave the comfort of a cosy sofa and blanket (or slanket!) and face the cold weather. For these days, a wrap is the second best thing to staying put. Available in a plethora of colours, patterns and styles (with fur or without, dependent on your furry tendancies), these are a wardrobe necessity for any girls winter wardrobe in place of or as well as a coat and proves that comfort doesn’t have to come before style. Who thought that a glorified blanket could offer such warmth and look so good? After falling in love with a knitted number last year with a fur collar from Yours Clothing, its only right to add another Yours wrap to the (overflowing, apparently) coat beg. This colour block woven wrap* with blanket stitch detailing to the edges and a lovely waterfall drape effect to the front is an autumnal colour palette of dreams, is super cosy and adds a little bit of something when word over a otherwise basic jeans and t-shirt combo.



What better way to avoid the frizz caused by wind and rain than a hat? Sorry bobble hats, no offence to your and your poms poms, but nothing pulls together an outfit more than a wide brimmed hat – the floppier the better! That’s not something you hear very often, eh? This brown fedora (similar here) is a shade step away from the the usual black and pairs perfectly with the earthy tones of autumn fashion. Like its summer counterpart, the sunglasses, hats are perfect for those days you want to disguise 4 day old hair (we all do it!) but the floppy brim hat is best for disguising the hair and the lack of makeup… and it looks stylish. The only issue I find with adding a hat to an outfit is that it’s like a child – its a full time commitment. You can’t just hap hazardly throw on a hat and be bored of it within a few hours, you have to commit to the hat lifestyle for an entire day else you’ll face the wrath of the dreaded hat hair or a hat that you have to carry around as a prop.



Not into block autumnal shades?  No worries.  Khaki, tartan fur, tribal pink and jewel toned wraps means there’s a colour for every occasion and all colour palettes!  Fancy glamming up your wrap and adding some extra warmth like Naomi (far left)?  No fur no problems.  These clip on fur collars are ideal for adding a bit of strokeable glamour to your attire, they keep your neck warm and they look amazing.  The good news is that because they’re detachable you can add them to almost every outfit.  Fancy fur trimmed PJs?  Not a problem.  Sipping Nutella hot chocolate in bed demands luxury.