MUSIC || …& From This Day Forward They Shall Be Known As… McBusted

What I Go to School For,You Said No, Crashed the Wedding… if you’re on the same length of wave as I your little heart will be skipping a beat while you reminisce back to the time where Busted reigned supreme.


Busted made up of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson were my pop generations introduction to guitar driven music with lyrics which made love and relationships a lot more fresher and teenage friendly than the ballads of their musical boyband rivals. I was 14 when Busted came about. I was a part of their “so noughties it hurts” E-Team (or street team) and I even co ran a Busted fan site ( – its seriously defunct now) – in short… Charl hearted Busted.   When the band split after a relatively short but very successful music career Charl cried (seriously).

The members of the band went their separate ways – Matt Willis embarked on a solo music/TV career, Charlie Simpson moved into a more *pensive face* serious rock band and James Bourne did everything from starting a new band (Son of Dork), solo material, writing a musical and writing for other bands – I’m out of breath just thinking about.

mcflyIn the wake of Busted’s teenage heart destruction a new band of boys were slowly rising from the ashes. Seemingly birthed from the same musical womb as Busted were McFly, a second coming of guitar driven pop music if you will.  With Busted’s very own James Bourne having a hand in the writing of the songs on the bands album it meant that a little bit of Busted still lived on after the demise of the band in 2005.

McFly well and truly jumped into the helm with 5 studio albums under their belts, a legion of dedicated followers and enough pop hits to make a “Now Thats What I Call….McFly” album.  There’s been no stopping them.

During McFly’s 10th anniversary concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, James Bourne and Matt Willis joined the McFly boys on stage to perform 2 Busted songs and one McFly song.  The internet was awash with fans hailing the union of the two as “perfection” “amazing” “awesome” *insert more positive words here* and y’know what?  It was pretty much pop perfection.

Do you remember Transformers, or the Powerrangers? In those TV shows, doing battle as an individual was great, but combining the powers of each character and creating a superbot, well, that was the beginning of a battle to end all battles.  Imagine you could play Transformers but with bands?  Merge the two to create a bigger and better group.  A supergroup, if you will.

Sound good?


On the 11th November the Mcfly boys and Busted (minus Charlie Simpson) announced at a press conference that those 4 nights at the Albert Hall were just the beginning.  The 6 boys would moving forward be known as McBusted (see what they did there?) with a logo and branding owing a nostalgic nod to old school Busted merchandise. A UK arena tour in 2014 was planned and  subsequently pre sale tickets sold out and  at the time of writing this, there are fans actually camping out to get their hands on further released tickets.


Am I excited? 

Hell yes..but more so for the Busted element of McBusted than anything else.  To me Mcfly have developed their sound and image in accordance with how the music industry has changed and in turn their music has grown more mature with them and they’re current.  Whereas Busted seemed to end as quickly as they burst onto the music scene in their badges, sweat bands and hair which looked sponsored by VO5 and their whole “thing” seemed to just be frozen in time in 2005.  I managed to make it to a one off solo gig that James Bourne held last year in London and to hear the old songs again was so amazing.   After redownloading all of the Busted albums (including B Sides) its become apparent that the songs sound as good now as they did then.  They’re fun and they’re poppy, they might not seem like the most lyrically clever songs but there’s something so unique about the Busted back catalogue that you can’t help but sing along.

The reintroduction of them into my iTunes playlist has left this not so closet fan dancing around her room to “You Said No” and listening to “Sleeping With the Light On” whilst feeling the need to login to MSN messenger to talk to her high school crush.

I wonder whether Santa will buy me tickets…