Multi Masking Must Haves


Sometimes there’s nothing I crave more at the end of a busy week than cleansing every last scrap of makeup from my skin, indulging my skin in a face mask and taking 15 minutes to myself to unwind. My skincare drawer is packed with fancy masks promising to deliver all kinds of magic but I’m not sure about you but the skin on my face changes more often than I change my underwear. Before my period my skin will break out into a combination of painful under the skin spots and yellow headed pimples which throw me back to being 14 years old with a bathroom cupboard full of Cleasil and Witch Hazel. The next day it’ll be as dry as the Sahara desert, only to be oilier than a male stripper gram at a hen do the next night. I get skin whiplash.

The truth of the matter is that the skin on our face isn’t one size fits all and it may have a multitude of competing needs at one time much like a small child or a boyfriend.

You may need to mattify, hydrate and exfoliate all at the same time and it makes no sense to strip oil from dehydrated cheeks because you’re suffering from an outbreak on your chin, thus only drying out the skin even more.

But three face masks in one night one after another, all aimed at different skin complaint? That’s seems like some serious skincare dedication and a total waste of money using product where it’s not needed. So what’s the answer? Multi Masking. It’s not quite as exciting as the thought of multiple orgasms but it’s a popular beauty trend which means you can target the correct skincare for the correct area AND you get to decorate your face in a variety of colours. Much like old school Wash&Go 2in1 Shampoo & Conditioner, Multi Masking doesn’t just make perfect sense, it’s also perfect if you’re likely to be a little bit lazy with your skincare.


The Bodyshop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask is a classic mask that I tend to reach for when my skin is feeling especially oily and congested.  It’s packed full of wild bladderwrack seaweed from the south-west coast of the Irish and is great applied to the T-Zone this is great for drawing impurities from the skin, mattifying and tightening the pores.  The mask itself is cooling when applied to the skin, has a distinct but not unpleasant scent and dries within approximately 10 minutes depending on how thick a layer is applied.


The Pureclay Glowmask from L’Oreal is a new addition to their range of skincare.  Three pure clays Koalin (A highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum), Montmorillonite (Rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections) and Ghassoul (A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned to help clarify complexion) are blended with red algae extract is designed to give dull skin a glow and leaves it feeling softer and smoother.  I mainly use this mask on my forehead and cheeks before a night out in conjunction with the Bodyshop Seaweed Ionic mask to create the perfect base for an all out flawless base.




Fresh face masks from Lush are one my (many) payday treats and I have two that I always pick up and keep in the fridge next for when my skin needs some TLC. Catastrophe Cosmetics is an SOS product packed to the pot lid with ingredients such as blueberries, chamomile, rose, calamine and almond oils ideal for calming the skin. I’ve used this following one a million too many units of alcohol and my skin is indeed of a boost. It’s also ideal for calming any redness and to take any pesky breakouts. I tend to use this on my chin where I suffer from the majority of my hormonal flare ups.



Oatifix Fresh Face Mask is a sweet and squishy blend of oats, almonds, vanilla and bananas reminiscent of an oaty breakfast treat which provides nourishment and non abrasive exfoliation for dry skin.  Although perfect for  the wintery months, Oatifix can be used all year round to keep skin supple and moisturised.  It’s goo-ey, porridge texture is a little bit messy to apply (and remove) but it’s well worth the effort.  This is one of those quick face fixes when I want my skin to feel smooth and glowy and is usually used on my cheeks where I can get a little bit dry.

Which face masks do you tend to turn to when you want to give yourself a treat? I’ve heard the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is great to quench the skin while you sleep. What could be lazier than THAT?