Motivational Monday: Take 3


This quote is taken from Sex & the City.  Hands up, I’m a co dependant Sex & the City fan who will often fall back to quotes from the series and constantly relate life situations “this is like that episode of Sex & the City where Carrie/where Miranda/where Samantha/where Charlotte” (you get the point)

No matter how fabulous you’re feeling about yourself, there can always be that one person who might say something negative to put you down which overshadows any shred of positivity. I’m guilty of this, I always let  other peoples opinions get to me and then I obsess over what they’ve said down to the most minute detail – even I know that it’s total bull. I’m too much of a sensitive soul. I hate receiving compliments, I never know how to deal with them and my friend has always said that I’m the worst person ever at taking them.  With this in mind,  it made me think…

Why don’t we start to believe the positive things that people say about us?

When people compliment you, its not a psych out, they’re not lying to you, its not some big conspiracy of people ganging up on you to be nice about you… they’re saying it about you because they mean it, so start to believe that and not the negativity.

And if you know someone who is guilty of believing the negativity, go and tell them how fricking amazing they are and make their day.

  • alice

    You are fucking amazing charl. ;):loves ya. xx

  • Claire

    I so love you’re blog it’s amazing! xx