Mini Blusher Haul


Remember this post where I was all nonchalant and “I don’t really have much of a thing for blushers, I only have one or two that I use”.  Well,  I’m now eating humble pie. 

Whilst holidaying in Venice recently, I stopped off at their department store and what did I pop into my basket?  Blushers galore.  Notably alot brighter blushers than the ones mentioned in my previous post.

2 of these blushers I didn’t even swatch while I was in store because it was literally a dash in, dash out situation.  You’ll be able to tell which ones I  picked up just because they looked super pretty and I had instantly decided that they were what my spring makeup bag was missing. (oh lord I’m such a sales persons dream)catricedefiningblush

Catrice “Love and Peach” – the most beautiful peachy shade, applies like a dream and will add some brightness to the apples of your cheeks. This Catrice “Define” range is the perfect range for defining cheekbones and all of the other colours are so lovely.  Only available in “Europe” (except the UK – grrr) so I wish I’d picked up more when I was there.  This is the perfect colour for fair skinned ladies like myself and peach really compliments red hair.


H&M “Spring Flower” – this was a complete impulse purchase based purely on the embossed pattern in the blush. A swirl of this with your blusher brush gives a gorgeous coral colour which has the tinies hint of a shimmer. This is the perfect spring pick me up. I’ve been using this during the last couple of snow days to give my dull winter skin a bit of a boost.  And its super pretty.

Essence “Dating Prince Charming” – this is more of highlight than a blush but adds a pretty sheen to the tops of cheeks or can be used swirled with a matte blush to give the perfect flushed and glowy complexion. I just don’t want to destroy the LOVE lettering in it.

Do you dig out your brighter shades like me and dare to wear when there’s a little bit more sunshine?  I’m after the perfect pink blusher, think MAC’s “Well Dressed” but a tiny bit brighter – help me out in the comments below!

  • They have the prettiest packaging xx

    • Charlotte

      I’m so packing shallow ;) x

  • I got the autumn version of the H&M blush that is called Autumn Flower Blusher and I like it so much!!! And I’m sure you will love too as you did with the Spring version!! I love the roses desing and the good pigmentation!
    Here is my REVIEW about it if you are interested :)