Miners Luxe Lip Creme Gloss

Whenever I hear of the Miners Cosmetic brand, I instantly think of Khila from Miss Budget Beauty.  The number of times she has raved about their Bronzer Collection probably trumps the number of times I have changed my underwear (and I STILL haven’t gotten around to ordering one – somebody remind me?) 


What I love Miners for is that they aren’t afraid to experiment with new textures or colours that really are hot on the heels of the drugstore ranges.    With this in mind it seems like they’re always launching a new range of products in order to stay current.  The latest in their repertoire is the Luxe Lips Creme Gloss – a highly pigmented gloss which I’m guessing is their Apocalips type of offering.  With a range of summery colours, the Luxe Lips Creme Gloss have been tossed into each of the handbags I have on the go at the minute as my new must wear lip product.  The formula gives a wet look shine but without being sticky (don’t you hate it when your hair sticks to your lips?) and its lasting power is pretty good. minersluxelipcreamgloss2These are a great budget alternative for Apocalips (although my heart still belongs to them, sorry!) I’m especially in love with Material Girl.  The other colours in the range are L-R It Girl, Duchess, Beauty Queen, Uptown Girl, Material Girl.  I love the names of lip products, I know its gimmicky but ILOVEITITSMYTHINGLETITGO) – and they smell divine.

Luxe Lips Creme Gloss are available on the Miners website now.