Me Before You: A Quote


This is an extract taken from the book “Me Before You” – its a brilliant read.  Extremely sad, very moving, and rather inspiring.  This passage always jumps out at me and I wanted to share it.

You’re going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit.  It always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone.  But I hope you feel exhilarated.  There is a hunger in you.  A fearlessness.  You just buried it, like most people do.

I’m not really telling you to jump off tall buildings, or swim with whales or anything (although I would secretly love to think you were), but to live boldly.  Push yourself.  Don’t settle.  And if you insist on settling down with some ridiculous bloke, make sure some of this is squirrelled away somewhere.  Knowing you still have possibilities is a luxuries.  Knowing I might have given them to you has alleviated something for me.

Have a lovely weekend x

  • Jemma

    I’m looking for a new book to read after I’ve finished “The Best of Me” so will place an order for this now :)

    Bamboozle Beauty xx

    • Charlotte

      Not read “The Best of Me” – I’ll have to check it out! x

  • Amy

    Ahh I’ve wanted to read this for ages, I think you’ve just swayed me into picking it up :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    • Charlotte

      I apologise in advance for how much you will sob! x

  • Coincidence – I’ve just started reading The Girl You Left Behind, and so far I’m liking it.


    • Charlotte

      I’ve read that too! I was addicted to it – I read it in about a day! Hope you love it x

  • Jessica

    Okay, it’s official…I really need to order this book. :P I will do it before I leave the library today. Because I don’t know if it’s that quote, or the song I’m currently listening to on Pandora – but I’m getting a bit teary. :) BTW, it’s Rascal Flatts’ Here Comes Goodbye…if you were curious.

    • Charlotte

      Aw it really is a lovely book! Sorry if it made you cry.

      I’ll check out that song tho, love a good weepy tune! x

  • Petra

    Must add this to my to read list :)
    Its always nice to get reminded that you do not need to settle for anything you think is crap..!

    • Charlotte

      Never settle – I think it’s an important thing to remember x