A Mary Lou Manizer Dupe from W7?

My most favoured highlighter, other than Dior’s Amber Diamond (which they discontinued for some reason unbeknown to the gods) is The Balm’s Mary Lou Manizer. It’s champagne colour brings a real snap crackle and pop when applied to the cheek and brow bones, the center of the nose and cupids bow and it never fails to make me feel like an all round goddess when I apply it.

“You’re wearing Mary Lou aren’t you?” is my friends round about way of saying “your highlighter looks banging today babe, and I’m gonna let you know that I think it does”.

The-Balm-Mary-Lou-Manizer-Dupe-W7-Glowcamotion (7)

At it’s cheapest, the Mary Lou Manizer can set you back £14.85 at feelunique.  It’s not the most expensive of highlighters by a long shot, especially considering the quality BUT £14.85 is still £14.85 and if you don’t wanna pay that much for a highlight there’s plenty of cheaper alternatives about.  Highlighters and contour palettes are the new black and every drugstore range and it’s dog has brought out their own budget alternatives for as cheap as a Starbucks Chai Latte with a shot of espresso (appx £4 quid, FYI – try it, it’s delicious).


The-Balm-Mary-Lou-Manizer-Dupe-W7-Glowcamotion (4)

The-Balm-Mary-Lou-Manizer-Dupe-W7-Glowcamotion (6)

The-Balm-Mary-Lou-Manizer-Dupe-W7-Glowcamotion (3)

I’ve tried a couple of different highlighters from W7 before, both single powders and as part of a palette and they’ve always been a) chalky or b) more of a glitter bomb exploding on your face than a subtle healthy glow.  Not ideal unless you’re a 7 year old girl at a school disco.   Then I stumbled upon W7 Glowcomotion and cried DUPE.  Glowcomotion may seem basic and unassuming, it doesn’t exactly look the best and it’s plastic packaging feels cheap, but the product is a very close dupe for Mary Lou.  I kid you not.

Swatched next to each other, the difference between The Balm Mary Lou Manizer and W7 Glowcomotion isn’t particularly noticeable.  In terms of colour pay off and texture they’re pretty much identical champagne toned highlighters and I was amazed at how Glowcomotion applied for such a budget product.   I’ve been keeping mine in my handbag for those days when I favoured extra ZZZ over highlight and contour and it applies like an absolute dream.  Definitely a Mary Lou Manizer dupe.

The-Balm-Mary-Lou-Manizer-Dupe-W7-Glowcamotion (5)


The-Balm-Mary-Lou-Manizer-Dupe-W7-Glowcamotion (2)

(Top – The Balm Mary Lou Manizer | Bottom – W7 Glowcomotion)

I picked mine up for £3.99 at the Beauty Outlet at Freeport Talke, but you can usually find W7 products in Peacocks and B&M.  If you don’ t have a stockist nearby, they do have it on their website and using the code AUGUST will bag you 25% off.