Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense 40

By now you will know of my penchant/obsession/weakness (etc) for lip products. I am in love with a bright lip and I literally feel naked without some colour or another adorning my pout. sephora

While in Venice I popped into the Mecca that is Sephora with the mother, where we spent an hour and a half with the loveliest sales assistant gentleman in the land. He attempted to sell an array of lipsticks to my stubborn “my lips but better” lipstick wearing mother (a sales persons nightmare) while the mother treated me to this beauty within a second of me trying it on (me = a sales persons dream)

This is my very first Make Up Forever product, and although I know I should have tried out some of their amazing foundation and concealers but I was drawn to this colour like a moth to a flame.


I got the shade 40 – a gorgeous orange shade.  I get slightly disappointed when products only have a shade “number” and not a name, as I’m the ultimate sucker for buying a product based on shade name alone (Hello MAC lipsticks).

What drew me to this was the colour its super bright and suits my current “must have bright lip” makeup routine perfectly.  It applies beautifully and doesn’t dry my lips out but the only downfall is the staying power. I think I’ve been spoiled by the Rimmel Apocalips and Maybelline Super Stay and the need to not constantly top up my lip colour, where as you really do need to with this.

I absolutely can’t wait to wear this when the weather heats up – but for a high end lipstick it hasn’t particularly rocked my world, so to say.