BEAUTY || MAC Lipstick Collection

When I first started beauty blogging, one of the first “blogger obsessions” that I bought into (aside from the Urban Decay Naked Palette) was the pull of the MAC lipsticks. 

What magic does a small matte black bullet behold?  What is it about the MAC lipstick stand that instantly turns your average woman into a swatching mess?  Visit any MAC store, a black belt in kick boxing would be preferable in order to get within a meter of the lipsticks.  Could it be that caramel pretzel scent that they have, the simple but chic packaging or the fact that they’re all individually named (I LOVE A GOOD NAMED LIPSTICK) that drives us wild?

I don’t have a massive MAC lipstick collection, its modest in comparison to some that I’ve but I wanted to share mine with you because it appears to be one of those “done” beauty blogger things?




L-R : “Candy Yum Yum” / “Watch Me Simmer” / “Chilli” / “LoveLorn” / “Lustering”/ “Costa Chic”

I have my eye on a few other MAC lipsticks, namely Girl About Town, Ruby Woo, Vegas Volt and Brickola…I could go on forever, baby. (10 points if you get the film reference in that last line). 

What MAC lipsticks are you coveting?

  • I have no MAC lipsticks. I need to sort this…

  • Amy

    Lovelorn is currently on my wish list :) I’m also wondering whether to get Ruby Woo but I’ve been told Russian Red is better as it is a true red and more moisturising….decisions eh!

    Amy x
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Russian Red is my signature colour but I’ve been loving Impassioned, a rich bright pink, lately. Quite fanc trying Rebel