LOVE || Single & the City of Friends

Dear The Internet

I need some new friends.

I’m not saying that the ones I have already aren’t very good, infact, they’re the best, But there’s just one problem… they’re all “grown up”. What I mean by “grown up” is that they’re married, in a relationship or they have children. This means that should I be in the house of an evening and feel like a spur of the moment night out or find myself bored on a Saturday and fancy a spontaneous trip to town or somewhere further afield, I usually happen upon a massive stumbling block.


They’re either “we we we”‘ing all over themselves, they’re shopping in B&Q, they’re at the in laws, or they’re at such and such’s birthday party eating jelly and ice cream or playing pass the parcel with the kids. And they do try to get you involved, but third wheeling it is never much fun and most of the time it just makes the fact that you’re single even more depressing/obvious.

Just over a year ago, this was me. I was the one shopping in DIY stores with a significant other, painting the kitchen, picking out wallpaper, visiting the inlaws or taking daytrips to cities to go shopping…. a year on, I’m 26 and I’m single and sometimes, I’m very bloody bored.

26 doesn’t seem that old, but when I take a look on my Facebook friends or read the updates of my “friends” I find that 90% of them are either married, in a relationship or have a child. It’s like a massive game of spot the single person and its getting harder and harder to find a significant other single person to make an alli of.

Sure my non single friends do come out to play. One of my most favourite friends to go out to play with is married and has two children, but I find I have to bookin advance so they can prewarn the fella or arrange a babysitter. This doesn’t help when a Saturday comes around when I’m bored as can be with only Netflix and a bar of popping candy Marvellous Creations for company. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters certainly can’t help you here.

I feel as though there should be a friendship site, a bit like a dating site but where you contact all the single females in your area to say “hey, I’m single and bored. Want to go shopping/go for lunch/go on a night out and dance to cheesy music all night/be my wing woman for the day” and in that respect you meet up with like minded people who suffer from the same issues as you do.


Where did all the single girls go? & will they please be my friend.

  • Laura

    Yes! I’m riding in the same boat as you girl!
    Laura x