LOVE || The Most Romantic “Celeb Couple” EVER?

Last year, I wrote a post about romance and about how we are so unaccustomed to romance that should we actually be faced with a romantic gesture we’d possibly freak out.

I once had a friend who was at home ill in bed and couldn’t make a date with a guy who she really liked. That evening as she lay in bed all snotty and gross and watching reruns of Gossip Girl she received a text from this guy to tell her to go to the front door. On her doorstep he’d left her a flu survival kit. Magazines, Lemsip, lozengers, flu tablets, grapes, a film that she’d been talking about wanting to watch and a note to say “get well soon” – all the makings of a full on heartstring tug. Or does that give you a sicky feeling in your belly? My friend got the sicky belly feeling and stopped responding to his texts because he seemed too needy. What?!

Maybe I’m more of a romanticist than others but these little acts are not only the things that I’d love to happen to me but they’re also acts that I would do for somebody else just to show them that I cared.

The post I was talking about at the beginning of this post was sparked by the release of Tom fromMcFly (that’s his real surname, right?) wedding speech video to his blushing and overall beautiful wife Giovanna in which he sang his “Grooms Speech” in tune to a collection of McFly songs.  The video left me practically melting into my chair and wondering if there was a city full of men exactly like Tom.  If you didn’t get to see the video, I’ll link it below.

Since that video (and following the explosion of women’s hearts and ovaries everywhere AND to the dismay of men who’s petrol station flowers looked more wilted than before) Mr and Mrs fromMcfly have released TWO more videos.  One announcing that the couple were going to be parents with pumpkins, and more recently a cover of McFly’s “Love is on the Radio”.  Each one so romantic and sweet that they made me want to spoon someone in a room with John Mayer playing and candles burning while it rained outside.

With “celebrity couples” filling the side of gossip sites daily – the likes of Kim and Kanye, Taylor Swift and *insert boys name here*, Harry Styles and *insert girls name here* and the TOWiE & Made in Chelsea lot,  they’re predominantly that, celebrity couples. And as much as their relationships are (you would think) real, I do believe that there is alot of playing up to cameras and game playing with the press purely for media coverage, you can tell this by the longevity of their relationships and how many times they split and get back together.

Which is why it’s so refreshing to see a “non celebrity celebrity couple” (does that make sense?) such as Tom and Giovanna who’s love for eachother would warm even the most cynical of peoples hearts. Their videos which, if played out by any other celebrity couple would seem false and rehearsed and vying for attention, but with Tom and Giovanna – her playing the Xylophone and him on his little pink guitar (I’m sure thats the wrong name for it, don’t hate tho) – its just sweet, and lovely, and romantic and makes my little heart throb.

I bet they’d even make THAT Kanye and Kim video look sweet.


  • Jade

    That speech is pure cheese, I would die if my boyfriend did that in public but I love it when he plays guitar for me when we’re alone <3

  • They are the sweetest couple. I love them :D x