Autumn Date Ideas

Dates are difficult enough to come up with ideas for as it is, for some “dinner, drinks, movies” is as adventurous as it can get, and as much as I like food, wine and movies, it can get a little tiresome (I don’t REALLY like THE “movies” as in the pictures for dates – read why).  Cotton Traders have come up with a little something to take the hassle out of decisions and researching with this app which  suggests activities to do dependent on where you are in the country – handy.

Remember when Danny and Sandy met at the Beach in Grease, they frolicked in the sand, played on the arcade machines, made out under the stars and basically fell in love? Picnics, trips to the seaside, dog walks, amusement parks – well those kind of dates are made all the more magical with sun shining down on you and a warm breeze blowing through your hair.  You can eat ice creams and go on road trips with your feet on the dashboard whilst wear sunnies and it all seems like something out of a film.  When the summer months give way to autumn and the only bit of sun you see is hidden by grey clouds, its hard to get excited about getting out of a warm and cosy bed to even find essentials for a bed picnic (don’t tell me you’ve never had one of those) let alone to find the energy to go on dates.

My best advice is to take advantage of what the seasons give you and just go with the fall festivities.  You call it making the best of  a bad situation, I call it making lemonade with life lemons.


Us Brits are taking a leaf out of the yanks books and we’re making a big deal out of all hallows eve with our dressing up, parties, trick or treating and pumpkin carving.  Pumpkin carving competition.  Dress up together (I don’t mind in a weird fetish kinda way) and attend a spooky Halloween party or even better, throw you own!  Smear some blood on each others faces, show off your face painting skills or even try to out gross each other in the costume department – those who scare together stay together.

With several high street coffee chains releasing their seasonal coffee’s around this time of the year there’s never been a better time to pull a pew and head off for a coffee date.  Indulge in a few sweet treats, wrap your cold mits around a hot coffee, put your smartphones in your pockets and bring back good old conversation. Remember those first few inquisitive dates you go on with a person where you’re gently prodding and poking information out of them to see if you could imagine yourself washing their pants a year down the line?  Let the simplistic coffee date take you back to those days.  Plus – cake.

One of my favourite nights of the year is bonfire night.  So many places host local bonfire events.  A fire, a billion fireworks you can whoop at, hot mugs of cider, a mustard and tomato sauced slathered hot dog (don’t forget the onions).   There’s nothing quite like watching wrapped up in a winter coat with your fellas arms wrapped round your waist (so you can wipe the drips of mustard and tomato sauce on his sleeves or his shoulder)… if you’re anything like me you’ll be making “ahh that firework is like you, big build up but doesn’t last very long” jokes to your other half All in good fun of course.  Finish the evening lathering each other up to rid yourselves of the smell of smoke (optional).

A walk in the park or to a nearby nature reserve. – this works better if you have a four legged friend you can take.   Coombes Valley near Leek in Staffordshire is what the Daytrip Decider threw up for a relaxing outdoor date in Stoke on Trent.  If you’re lucky enough to have a canal running through your city take a stroll along it and stop off at interval pubs along the way.  Kick your way through leaves, sample some wine (or wintery ales – I’m a fan of these) and take a trip home in a taxi or have a wander back.

Don’t judge me, but I’m actually a fan of one of the dates that aren’t so often practiced (or admitted) publically…. bowling.  Take your date indoors but skip the awkward cine-date in favour of some 90’s style fun.  Don’t take yourself too seriously, don some bowling shoes, put those bumpers up (no cheating) and go head to head with your beau – might be interesting to make a winning wager, e,g: Loser washes the dishes for a week OR winner pays for the Slush Puppies and obligatory spin on the arcade games post bowling.  Fancy something a little different?  For indoor experiences how about visiting museums, or as advised…. Learn to play darts.  A bit of a kooky one but you’re guaranteed some giggles (just as long as you don’t accidentally throw the dart in a rather sensitive area… or an eye).

An autumnal picnic.  Not all autumn days are full of wind and rain.  Those crisp days where its warm nough to go out without wearing a heard of sheep and the sun breaks through the clouds, grab yourself a tartan blanket (because tartan is so on point, darling) and a hamper full of autumnal snacks and set up camp on a pile of leaves somewhere.  Root veg crisps, sea salt crackers, cheese and chutney, a flask of spicy butternut soup – the perfect twist on a summer picnic.

  • Hayley Russell

    I love bowling! The shoes are such a laugh and when you get going you get really into it. It makes for a really good double date too!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  • Love this post, so many great ideas! I think a coffee dates sounds like such a good at idea this time of year :)