Loserville Musical = Nerdgasm

I’m not a big theatre goer. The most “theatre cultured” I ever got was seeing Phantom of the Opera which I loved so much I nearly pee’d my pants (10 points if you got the film reference there) so I’m not exactly technically qualified enough to judge stage direction/lighting and all that jazz. What I do know is an engaging storyline, dance routines that make me want to get up in the aisles and shake my ass, catchy songs, (hotness of the male cast members) etc.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Loserville – a new musical from musical composer Elliot Davis and James Bourne of the once upon a time boyband Busted and Son of Dork.  Last Saturday I dusted off my geek glasses and headed down to the big smoke (thats London, by the way) to the Garrick Theatre to see if this was as good as I imagined.

I’ll be honest, I fully expected to turn up to a half full theatre of girls wearing Busted tshirts with James’ face stretched over their now developed breasts (okay, I’m lying – that was totally me) and rocking the Busted fan club sweat bands and pin badges of old.  What I  was actually faced with was a jam packed foyer of the Garrick Theatre and some pre show chatter with some American tourists who had heard the show was Grease/Glee/High School Musical comes to the West End.  I honestly didn’t expect it to be so popular…

But popular it was.

Who’d have thought that a musical about popular kids v geeks attempting to code the delivery of the first ever electronic mail could be so entertaining? Throw in a love triangle pentagon, some kick ass songs, some hot geeks and as many stage props as you can shake a stick at and you have Loserville.

Loserville absolutely delivers. You’re instantly sucked into the world of “losers”, where cool kids drool and the geeks well and truly rule. With a large majority of the songs of the show being taken from the (very much under appreciated) debut Son of Dork album “Welcome to Loserville”, the clever and tongue in cheek song writing style of James Bourne lends itself to this musical completely.

Casting director Anne Vosser came up trumps with an energetic and believable cast who as well as sweating buckets from the amazing choreography of Nick Winston, they practically oozed infectious enthusiasm from every pore. Talking of choreography, I very much want to learn the dance routine to Slacker, I asked Nick on Twitter to teach me, but he still hasn’t replied.  HO HUM.

Aaron Sidwell (who played mean and moody Steven Beale in Eastenders) is absolute perfection as the geeky but HOT computer programmer Michael Dork. I don’t need any persuading to find a guy in geek glasses and talking computer programming hot, its well known to be my guilty project (along with men and guitars) but the geeky girl inside me fell a little bit in love with his portrayal of the leading guy.

Leading lady, Eliza Hope Bennett as Michael Dork’s love interest Holly Manson made me fist punch in the air for bringing sexy back to being a girl geek.  Gone are the days of Grosie Josie in Never Been Kissed and in is bouncy hair, cute glasses and the news that girls who want to be astronauts everywhere will rejoice at… she gets the guy  #fistpunch  .

For me, the little gem of the show was Lil Chris (also known as Chris Hardman) – after releasing a single a couple of years ago (ch ch ch check it out here) his portrayal of Francis, a loveably awkward Star Trek fan left me actually crying with laughter and the multitude of hilarious faces he pulled during the show left me with a One Direction style inappropriate crush.

Did I love it?   Yeahhhhh buddy.   So much so that I want to go again.  Or be one of the cast *nudge nudge wink wink*

You can buy tickets here, and you can check out the Official Loserville trailer to wet your appetite.  I’m good to you.