LIFE || The Year Through a Lense

Part of me loves the fact that digital cameras and smartphones such as the iPhone are so easily at our disposable to capture the moment, but the fact that our photos are forever stored on memory cards or USB drives makes me sad. My dad was a keen photographer and my younger days as a child are well documented, there’s literally 100’s of photographs of myself and my brother stored in shoe boxes in my house which I love to sit and look through every now and then and get a little nostalgic.

There’s a point in time where these photos begin to disappear and there’s little hard evidence of my teenage years and later on into my 20’s and its down to the fact that the digital era has meant that more of our memories are stored on devices or uploaded to the servers of social media platforms rather than printed and framed or put into family albums which will one day develop curled corners from leafing through the pages and reminiscing.

Instajunction cleverly combines the digital magic that is Instagram and actual printing photographs.  You have the option to create magnets from your existing Instagram images, coasters, Polaroid style snaps, a poster.  I was given the opportunity to make an order via their website and I picked this framed print of 16 of my favourite images.  I thought that coming to the end of 2013  a montage to basically make up a snapshot into my year would be perfect…. and this is how it came out….


Ted licking my lipstick mark off his forehead // hugging my BFF on her wedding day // meeting Matty from The 1975 // chilling in bed with Ted //

Halloween night with my gorgeous villains // “You’re Gonna Hear me ROAR” with Rosie // garden sunning with Ted // cuddles with Harry Mon //

birthday night out with my girls // duckfacing with my ma // blogging in bed with Ted = 90% of my life // the bride & her bridesmaid //

pulling a Miley // stupid face pulling with Ava Rose // posing with Gem // Jay Z with my ho Charlotte

You can get 25% off an item of your choice on the site up until the 8th December using the code: FRIEND25FV so go and treat yourself or someone else.  I have my eye on some Polaroids next time so I can concoct a Pinterest style string and peg display in my bedroom.