LIFE || Waitrose World Cup Party

Ah, the World Cup. To men it’s a period of great excitement, stress and heartache (dependent on what team you support) and to some women (me) it’s a time to dust off your old Becks England shirt, swot up on THAT “shopping” analogy of what the offside rule is and use the tournament as a social excuse to eat, drink, be merry and decide which of the teams from around the world has the most attractive players.

I usually enjoy the football, I relish the opportunity to get together with friends and family to cheer on “the boys” in the hopes that I may live to see a day when England bring home the illustrious golden trophy. Alas, after an 11pm kick off and a series of disappointing matches England quickly bombed out of the World Cup without even making it past even the group stages.

I’d had my sights set on a Waitrose sponsored and sunshine fuelled World Cup inspired party cheering on “the boys”, supping on a bottle of beer (or 5) and pretending to at least know who a few of the newbies on the squad were (other than “that one with the blue shoes on”/”the one with the nice eyes”/”the one with the calfs!”).

With our hopes of World Cup glory dashed in the early stages, an evening of good food and cheering on an opposing country (I was routing for Spain because of the attractive men *cough*) was exactly what was needed!

Waitrose World Cup Party

Our World Cup party featured a veritable smorgasboard of dishes inspired by the countries of the World Cup:

USA – Budweiser & burgers
Mexico – Nachos with melted cheese, salsa & extra jalepenos (for the boys!)
German – Bratwurst hotdogs
Greece – Greek salad with feta cheese, onions and olives
Spain – Spicy chicken and chorizo skewers
France – Crisp bottle of white
Italy – Pizza and Tiramisu

….We purposely left any trace of English grub out of our party due to the disappointment and bitterness we were still feeling of their performance (or lack of!).