CHRISTMAS || Things I Love About Christmas

I may sometimes come across as a bit of a Christmas BAH HUMBUG because I haven’t done a million gift guides on my blog yet (people have been doing them since October man) but I’m really not.  I’m more of a “leaving things to the last minute” kind of gal and I’d much rather get caught up in the flurry of excitement all in one go than drag Christmas build up out over two months.

It’s now two weeks till Christmas.  My Christmas tree is up, I’ve had a Starbucks Christmas coffee, I’ve braved the shopping centre during late night opening hours, I’ve made mulled wine and I’m finally beginning to feel the festive buzz – its about time!

I wanted to get myself is the Christmas spirit even more so and do a run down of the things I love about Christmas. So without further ado…

“Things I Love About Christmas”
(good title huh?)20131212-113447.jpg

 1. Its deemed socially acceptable, scratch that, its practically a festive requirement to be drunk off of a cocktail of Bucks Fizz and Baileys before 10am.  It’s also acceptable to be drunk off Sherry Trifle and refusing a glass of alcohol when you visit others is akin to burning their Christmas Tree.

2. Calories don’t count at Christmas.  Between the 24th December and the 2nd January anything thats eaten is magically minused away by Santa and his elves.  which is probably a good thing when you’re half comatosed on a buffet of Turkey baps, pickles and 3/4 of a tin of Quality Street (the other 1/4 only survived because they’re the flavour you don’t like).

3. Christmas is like one massive sick day off work, most people are off so you can actually make plans to meet up and none of you cancel because of workload or because you’re too tired because ITTTTTT’S CHRIISSSSSSSTMAS!

4. Everybody turns all Frank Sinatra on at Christmas and there’s always that rush of “wishing for a white Christmas” excitement that you get on the day itself.  Although the chances of snow in the UK are always a bit iffy I’m the first one with my nose up against the window when I see so much as hint of snowfall.  I’ll also be refreshing Will I Get a White Christmas in the week leading up so I can work out the possibility of making snow angels.

5. You don’t have to get dressed or wear proper clothes because more often than not you’re given pyjamas as a gift, and it’d be rude not to make use of them.  Plus, they’re warm and December is cold.

6. As much as people say “Christmas isn’t about receiving gifts” I refuse to believe that anyone ever has refused a gift. “Thank you for your gift but I am currently happy enough with the Christmas atmosphere, please keep it”.  Thats nonsense.  It’s not even like they have to be expensive, at the end of the day thoughtful gifts > expensive gifts everytime.  Either way, gifts = good.

7. (just to balance out number 6) ……the look on the faces of your loved ones when you give them the gifts you’ve bought/crafted for them.  There’s nothing that gives you more of a happy Ready Brek glow in your belly than making others smile.

8. Christmas films galore.  I watch the same Christmas films year in year out and they never get boring.  Whether they’re childhood classics, chick flicks, comedies, or just the usual that they show on terrestrial TV – Christmas would be incomplete without them.

9. For the times that you’re not lounging on the sofa drunk off Auntie Janet’s Sherry soaked trifle and wearing elasticated pyjama bottoms Christmas is the perfect occasion to go all out on your outfits.  Glitter?  You got it.  Sequins?  Coming right up. Lashings of red lipstick?  It’d be insulting if you didn’t.

10.  Mistletoe.  That one doesn’t need anymore explanation.

What do you love most about Christmas?

* Collaborative post