LIFE || They’re Bringing Ginger Back

I want to talk to you about men – whats new? And in particular a type of men who seem to fall very much under the radar when it comes to being labelled as hotties.

Ginger men.

Oh you will roll your nose up but it seems with both the male and female of the ginger species that when younger we very much suffer from ugly duckling syndrome (except for Tiffany from Eastenders and the little drummer boy from Eastenders). Don’t cry out that I’m being gingerist, I’m a ginger myself so I get a god given right to have an opinion. As a species we very much seem to grow into our own and hit attractive maturity.


Fashion photographer Thomas Knights has launched a new exhibition called “Red Hot” which aims to rebrand the redheaded man amongst us and I think it proves my “hey buddy, ginger men are hot” theory perfectly. When news of Red Hot broke I received no less than 11 forms of contact, be it Twitter, Facebook, text, email to draw my attention to it – probably because of my being very local of my love of a ginger man.

Of his exhibition he says ‘The aim of the exhibition is to create the image of a positive role model for ginger men because there’s a serious lack of them in the UK. In film and TV they’re portrayed as weak characters. ‘It’s just like any other form of prejudice – being anti-ginger is like one of the last acceptable forms of racism left in our society.”

And I agree.

Which is why I wanted to bring to you a list of guys who are repping it for the ginger males out there.


The exhibition Red Hot will be on display at The Gallery in Redchurch Street, London from 16 December 2013

* if any of the men mentioned in this article and who are part of the Red Hot exhibition wish to date a fellow ginger girl, you can get in touch with me on my contact page
** only joking
*** but seriously, get in touch

  • i love ginger blokes, you should add damien lewis, tim minchin and kevin Mckidd to your list you know..nods..yum

  • jojor2012

    Prince Harry is FIT!!! Love this post, hilarious!

  • Ashley

    Are you attending the Redhead Day UK next Saturday in London?

    There’s a ginger speed-dating session.