Sticky 9 Instagram Magnets

sticky9-instagram-magnets-2In a world where photography and the sharing of images is easily accessible as long as you have a smartphone with a camera and an internet connection, creating personalised prints direct from your Instagram feed has become the new “taking your film into your local Boots and waiting 24 hours to get your photos printed”.  Many a company have popped up offering the service to well and truly personalise your home, your desk, your locker, your phone… even your clothes.  The difference between them and Boots 24 hour service is that you don’t need to leave the house and all you need is your Insta login to access your uploaded memories.  I have hundreds of pictures on my phone, many of which are on my Instagram feed but they’ll only visible to me on my phone or on the internet but like many others I don’t tend to print off my photographs.  Gone are the days where you’d be printing an entire roll of film for the sake of one or two pictures, instead memories are saved on hard drives and external memory sticks.

My house is covered in canvases, framed quotes and artwork but what it’s missing is pictures of my loved ones, nearest and dearest and treasured memories.  In an attempt to personalise my home more and surround myself with happy memories not just on my phone but IRL (in real life) I jumped at the chance to create some magnets from the newly renamed Sticky9* (previously StickyGram).

These magnets come in a sheet of 9 and you simply use their website to log in to your Instagram feed and select your favourite images to adorn your surface of choice – I chose the easy option of my fridge as I tend to spend a lot of time there *ahem*.

sticky9-instagram-magnetsPout off with Dan / Ted and Missy embrioled in some Puppy Love / the apple of my eye, Mr Ted / a train photo within a photo on a date night / baby hand wrapped around my fingers / mirror selfie with mother dearest / Momma Bear at Isle of Wight Festival / Gemma Button and I taking summer outfit pictures in the park / I am… Wonder Woman