LIFE || Why So Serious?

I know it’s past Halloween now, but I thought I’d follow the trend and show you my “scary” Halloween outfit.Last years Halloween festivities was a last minute occasion and this years seemed to be no exception to this newly started rule. I heard about a Halloween party at 4pm and by 6pm I was making my way home from raiding the shops to put together my masterpiece.As Mean Girls would say, Halloween is the perfect excuse for girls to dress up like “sl*ts” – and as much as I’ve donned cat ears and whiskers in the past and complete with a slinky black outfit, this year I wanted to go a little FUGLY in the face.

One of my friends had a lifelong ambition to go out dressed as Poison Ivy (this is also one of my ambitions, it will happen) so to stay in keeping with the Batman villain theme I decided I wanted to go as…..
Do you know who I am yet?
Let me give you a clue….
That’s right – I was a female version of Heath Ledgers portrayal of The Joker in Dark Knight Rises. I’m such a fan if the film and the Christopher Nolan trilogy overall that this look was perfect for me.

My outfit was pretty much a smash and grab in a charity shop. A waistcoat, a purple shirt and a green tie (3 items for £5.00 – bargain times!) paired with a trusty old tube skirt and some boots.

I went all out on the makeup, white facepaints (the messier the better) for the base, super black eyes which created using black gel eyeliner all over the lid/socket and a black eyeshadow pressed onto for extra staying power and the iconic red slashed lips, which had admittedly been prettied up a little – hey I’m single!
The highlight of my entire night was bumping into none other than Heisenberg from Breaking Bad*…(excuse the drunk face)
And me with my villain babes.

Did you go out at Halloween? What was your outfit?

*may not have been the real Heisenberg

  • Ah I’m determined to dress up as Poison Ivy at some point in my life too haha! I decided to go a little fugly too this year, gored myself up and went out as a zombie. So so much fun! x

    Gemma // DuggyDimples

  • I went as Batgirl haha, you’d all have been in trouble if I’d bumped into you! Great makeup and costume though :) xx

    D Is For…

  • Looks amazing :)

  • Emma

    Smash and grab jobs are usually the best!

    You look great.

    Hmm maybe…