LIFE || Reasons Why… You Should Watch Breaking Bad

It seems you can’t swing a bag of crystal meth or take a toke on a pipe nowadays without someone holla’ing in your face about Breaking Bad.


I’ve seen a few people on Twitter firing off tweets such as “all these people going on about Breaking Bad! I’ve not seen one episode & I doubt I ever will!”….quite frankly, it saddens me.

A couple of weeks ago I’d have been all fist punching and “right on brother”, I’d have joined their allegion and laughed in the face of those who bow to the alter of Walter White.  But now?  Now I think that these people are fools.  These people aren’t being alternative or edgy because they’ve managed to avoid watching Breaking Bad, they’re quite simply depriving themselves of one of the greatest TV programmes of our time.  & I for one am not prepared to spend another day spending hours hooked upto Netflix as though its an IV and developing bed sores on my booty when there are people who read my blog who have yet to witness its genius.

Because I’m nice like that.

So here we go…

Reasons Why… you should stop being a pigheaded fool by refusing to watch Breaking Bad and just allow the magic into your unfulfilled life.

People on a whole aren’t wrong.  Remember when everyone was saying that the sneezing Panda on Youtube was hilarious?  Well, they were right.  Remember when people said Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream was beautiful? They were right too.  When a large amount of people react positively to something its usually a good indication that its because its good (this rule does not apply to the people who rejoice Crocs – they’re all fools).

imageIt makes chemistry cool.  Kind of.  I remember my chemistry lessons at school purely for bunsen burners, the hell of trying to memorise the periodic table and writing love letters to a boy in the year below me.  Did you know that aside from having to study it at school, chemistry is actually useful? & god damn interesting. It almost makes me want to dust of some old text books and attempt to be intelligent again (almost).

imageBrian Cranston as Walter White is so. fricking. cool.  Denzel Washington style cool. On paper, a chemist come high school teacher come drug cooking brain tumour patient may not sound like a killer combination for a leadcharacter but somewhow it just works.  I challenge anyone to watch up to Season 2, Episode 1 and not simulatenously want to BE Walter White, be in love with him and be terrified of him.  The mans a genius.imageThe characters are lovable, irritating, twisted, infuriating and hilarious – all at the same time.  The rollercoaster of emotions you go through as these charcters grow and develop and f!ck up makes them all the more loveable.  When you can feature recurring characters that an audience connects and sympathises with on some level, thats when you know you’re cooking on gas.  Or with crystal meth.  Or whatever.

Each episode outdoes the previous.  Just when you think it couldn’t get any crazier or tenser, it brings up a whole new meaning to the word “tense”.  The writers of Breaking Bad are on another level – this show has more twists than a 60’s disco and the way in which the storylines intertwine will leave you on the edge of your seat (or bed) and chewing your finger nails off (at one point I even PUT DOWN a Jaffa Cake I was eating so that I could concentrate.  Me, not eating a Jaffa Cake: Whats wrong with this picture?)

Is that enough?  Just watch it.  One episode is all it will take and then you can come back and thank me for simultaneously enriching your life but destroying your social life.

( I signed up with Netflix for their free 1 month trial and have been watching all of the seaons on there – FREE amazingness.)

  • Preach it! Totally agree, it’s bloody amazing!

  • I’ve finally started watching it, I’ve only watched season 1 but its bloody amazing so far!

  • Thanks, this is the final proof I needed. I WILL watch it.

  • Just say no to Crocs :)