CHRISTMAS || Reasons Why It’s Better to be Single at Christmas

According to Jon Bon Jovi, Christmas time is “the time of year to be with the one that you looooooove…. (bells will be ringing!)”


But wait…what if you don’t have somebody to love?  What if you’re a part of the single allegiance and instead of a perfect Christmas cardesque scene of you and your beau cuddled up in front of a roaring fire wearing matching plaid pyjamas, sipping Nutella hot chocolate with personalised stockings hanging from the fireplace,you’re facing Christmas alone.  Instead of a Christmas card scene your situation is more befitting to a female version of Home Alone, but without the crazy burglars and house of tricks.

2013 will be my second Christmas being single after 5 years of personifying that Christmas card scene (without the matching pyjamas).  Gone are days of plentiful presents and doing the dreaded but also quite fun food shop (because it’s acceptable to throw anything into the trolley and call it “Christmas Food”) and instead I find it a little bit difficult to get used to the idea of Christmas ‘alone’.  I know I’m not technically alone, I have family and friends to share my Christmas with, it’s just that the prospect of waking up alone in bed on Christmas morning is as appealing as eating dry crackers.

The truth is that as much as being single is extra hard at Christmas because you’re surrounded with loved up couples buying cute gifts and going gooey eyed at each other over the pigs in blankets, and you’re undoubtedly going to be faced with some family member asking you if  “you’ve found anybody special yet?” *wink wink* (insert inward grown)  there are some “Reasons Why” its actually better.  So lets get it underway….

Reasons Why Its Better to be Single at Christmas

Buying presents is bloody expensive, and as much as it’s lovely to give presents when you’re single you don’t have that expense of buying gifts for your significant other .  Which equals more gifts for your family/friends or uhm.. for yourself. Its okay to buy yourself presents, right?  It’s also a good idea in the winter months not to bag yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend until January so you don’t have to buy them presents.  

The whole “whos house do we spend christmas?” debate doesnt have to take place.  You don’t have to attempt to split yourself down the middle to please everybody, because the truth is that you never will.  You’ll always end up spending too much time at one in laws and too little time at another, but when you’re single you go wherever you like, whenever you want.  (Only good part of double parental visiting at Christmas?  Double food).

Christmas does somewhat cater for us singletons in the form of mistletoe.  Introduce one sprig of greenery to a single male or female and you’re basically giving them the key to Atlantis.  Kissing is EXPECTED.  And more so, when someone’s holding up a sprig of mistletoe its more or less illegal to reject them, so make sure you always carry a sprig in your underwear (or handbag).

You know what I  hate doing? Sharing food.  Joey from Friends and I are very similar in that way (we’re also both comedy genius’.  Ahem).  My selection box? MY SELECTION BOX.  My Terrys choc orange?  MINE.  Having a significant other usually means you have to surrender your Toffee Crisp, Milky Bar or Fruit Pastilles and I wouldn’t even willingly give David Beckham my Toffee Crisp.  Soz D.

Have you ever decorated a Christmas tree with a man?  Most men don’t know their tinsel from their lamenta and if by some miracle they do, the way in which they decorate the tree is not dissimilar to a cat chowing down on the decoration aisle in Poundland and projectile vomiting all over a tree.  When you’re single you can decorate the Christmas tree however you like.   If you want pink baubles, you can have pink baubles.  I HAVE PINK AND PURPLE BAUBLES.

Is there anything you love about being single at Christmas?

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