LIFE || Queen B

One of my earliest “hanging with the girls” memories I have is Saturday evening in the local pub. We’d hang around the bar or behind the stage when the old dears were in for their weekly game of bingo with a glass of orange cordial, a bag of skips and a packet of Poppets. We were about 8 years old and we’d spend the entire night trying not to giggle too loudly or be evicted from the room for being too young for gambling.

I always found the rhyming slang for bingo calls particularly funny. It was like a secret language that only those with a bingo dabber and a blue rinse knew. “Legs Eleven” the sparkly jacket bingo caller would announce to a round of wolf whistles and tapping on the side of a pint glass.

Fast forward a good few years (showing my age) and bingo is all online and those bingo calls are near enough extinct with charity shops across the country brimming with those sequinned jackets. So, when I asked to get involved with a bingo call campaign along with lots of other YouTubers and bloggers I figured I may aswell get involved… especially when I was told I could pick my own number and call.

Number 73?

Queen B (holla).

Check out some of the other bingo calls over on the Costa Bingo YouTube page including xameliax and her “Tweak of the Thumb”.

* thanks to Costa Bingo for involving me in this fun campaign!