LIFE || Ode To Sticky Note (& Biro)

Having one of those full time jobs that pays the bills and a part time blogging job, I constantly feel like I’m burning the candle at both ends and sometimes in the middle.  I leave my 9 to 5 job where I spend my lunch break reading press releases of all things beauty/fashion related, replying to emails and using the fall out from my love or personal life as inspiration for blog posts (regardless of how embarrassing).  I’m forever scribbling ideas or key words on to post it notes (or the back of a receipt) and sticking them to the inside of my trusty blog planner otherwise I get distracted by something shiny and its a case of “bye bye amazing topic idea”.  I wonder if Shakespeare ever had this beef?

Providing I don’t have a prior social engagement (its rare), home time calls for an evening at the blogging office… also known as “my bed” where’s there’s no doubt a Charl’s backside shaped dip from many a night spent in this position.  I fire up the laptop, grab my tablet (for all those 21st century style notes I’ve made on my notes app), open up my blog planner to a flurry of post it notes scattering my bed like confetti and hope to god I can make sense of the scrawls and keywords in order to string together the “all important” blog post.  Remember the scene in Almost Famous where William is sat in the bath surrounded by post it notes scrawled with snippets of what will eventually become his Rolling Stones article? (No) Well, my bed resembles that.

 A shout out goes to my unsung hero, the trusty BIC biro which has spent many a minute time during “thinking” moments wedged above my pouted lip, used like chopsticks to hold my hair off my face in a messy bun, tapping against my laptop whilst trying to think of a word that’s ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE and has spent a considerable amount of time with its lid firmly between my teeth and being chewed within an inch of its life (I know, not the most hygienic).  The current BIC of my affection has a life span of almost a month. Not long, compared to most pens you may think, but it means its successfully managed to survive WordPress coding breakdowns and creativity blocks where I vent my frustration through destroying an innocent BIC biro in a Bruce Lee style karate chop.

What are your unsung blogging must haves?

(a special mention goes to: wine, carbs, comfortable pants and everybody on Twitter who manages to provide comical reprise when I’m ready to throw my laptop out of the window/can’t decipher my own handwriting.)

*no BIC biros were hurt during the writing of this blog post