LIFE || An Ode to Me Ma


To the woman who carried me even when her ankles were swollen and her belly couldn’t stretch anymore, endured pain that no person should go through to give me life and who provided comfort, warmth, cuddles and changed my nappy when it was stinky.  Who fed me at stupid o clock in the morning when all she wanted to do was sleep and rocked me whilst I cried despite there being nothing wrong with me.  Who would make me laugh and and smile and tell me I was the most beautiful girl in the world even when I had bogeys all over my nose and who held my hands so I could take my first few tentative steps despite knowing that once I found my legs I would be everywhere.  Who would sing songs and paint with me, teach me to write, show me that creativity was key and that with imagination that anything is possible.  Who would bake cakes (and eat cakes) with me and teach me the perfect combination to the perfect cup of tea (strong, milky, sweet).  Who would patiently sit and comb my hair no matter how long it took or how many tears and tantrums detangling it would take.  Who would let me sit and watch as she made herself more beautiful and would let me try on her lipstick (Heather Shimmer) and spray her perfume just so I could be “like mummy”.  Who waved me off on my first day at school, who would iron my school uniform and make my breakfast before she’d get ready herself, who would watch me in school plays and clap the loudest and would tell me how proud she was of me.  Who taught me how to iron and to mop and to wash dishes, how to make a roast dinner, which washing powder is the best and which tea bags are the nicest. Who taught me that happiness and independence is better than convenience and who taught me “about the kinda person that I wanna be”.  Who makes me laugh so hard I could cry, who never judges, who gives the best hugs, who picks me up no matter how many times I fall down, tells me I’m beautiful when I look like a mess (who also tells little white lies now and again), who believes in my ideas (no matter how crazy), who still makes the best cup of tea and who’s home I will always call home and who taught me that we only have one life.   To the woman who moulded, prodded, shaped and rolled me into the woman I am today, I’m eternally thankful.

Happy Mothers Day xo