LIFE || The Month Ahead

Do you ever feel like you never stop? 

Sometimes I feel like I don’t even have time to pee sometimes (yes, bloggers have bodily functions too).  I have another busy couple of months where my calendar looks like it has chicken pox – lots of red rings around dates – and by calendar I mean, post it notes inside a notebook…I’ve got to get a better organisational system.

October is going to be a busy month for me (can you hear my bank account squealing as I type this?) – I have plans for the theatre, gigs, blogger meets and around  that I have a life to fit, my blog and of course little Ted.  I love these busy months – it’ll pass by in a whirlwind of course, but it gives me the opportunity to meet up with friends who I don’t see all the time because we’re dictated to by postcodes.   We get to gossip and laugh and listen to decent music and sink a pint or two Guinness.


I’ve crossed a couple of the September events off already but I thought I’d share with you a selection of the things that I’m going to be up to in October.

1st October – John Lewis Press Day – I get to meet up with my lovely blog friends from the Birmingham area and check out some John Lewis goodies – especially looking forward to seeing Gemma who I haven’t seen for what seems like years.

4th Oct – Jayz – heading to Manchester with blogging babes Terri Lowe & Victoria to see Jay Z (and the husband of the love of my life, Beyonce!) in association with Phones 4 U.

7th Oct – Regent Theatre – Carnaby Street – 60s music, guitars, the theatre.  You don’t need to be a genius to work out that this is right up my street.  Carnaby Street tells the unique British story of every boy or girl’s dream – to become a rock star! (buy tickets)

14th Oct – Regent Theatre – Dreamboats & Petticoats – I’ve been dying to see Dreamboats since I saw it advertised in the West End last year. A love story, rock n roll and more dresses than you can shake your pom pom at.. (buy tickets)

26th Oct – The Ratells – Dry Bar, Manchester – you’ve heard about The Ratells right? If not, where have you been?  Think of these boys as your high school crush but in musical form.  This is their headline tour after supporting Room 94 in June and I’m taking Gemma along for the ride – wanna join us?  You can pick up tickets for the Manchester gig here

 That’s a lot of things to find outfits for, guess I better start shopping.