LIFE || It’s Ladies Night (January Style)


If you’re anything like me post Christmas overspending, the January pinch will be feeling a bit more painful, more like “hit by a car and reversed over” January. January is well known to be the longest and dryest month financially and my social life is very much feeling that theory. Over indulging in the local pub with one too many mulled wines and using the bar man as your own personal cocktail maker can leave your purse feeling lighter than one of those 0% rice cakes that every January dieters cupboard contains.

To save myself from spending 31 days hibernating under my duvet in Christmas pyjamas with Netflix on my tablet and eating nothing but Aldi beans  (Heinz beans with sausages for the weekend), a much needed super saver girls night in is most definitely on the cards to laugh (and drink) away the January blues.  The blues being my skin because it’s so darn cold and the price of gas these days is more expensive than tickets to a Mrs Carter show.

My usual girls nights usually consist of a tipple or two and because the purse is feeling a little light, January girls night features the aftermath of “pre Christmas party drinks”.  Half empty bottles of spirits hanging around in a cupboard somewhere ensure the night in gets off to a good start – theres nothing better than some made up cocktails using the last of gin/advocat/Baileys – I’m partial to a gin cocktail (providing you aren’t participating in a Dryathlon or if you’re driving of course – in that case you’re on the lemonade).  If you’re going to go all out “professional cocktail maker” with your Christmas tipples, this leopard print shaker from Homewetbar may come in handy and you may want to come up with witty and hilarious names for them.  Our January cocktails usually come complete with their own names (I’d share them with you, but I never shake and tell) and are served with a side of leftover Christmas nibbles, you know the ones: cheese, crackers, mince pies, dry roasted peanuts and those salted pretzels that hurt the roof of your mouth.

Entertainment wise our last night in consisted of Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing and Burlesque (for the films) and Beyonce, Britney, Elvis and Michael Jackson for the music. It’s surprising how well you can dance to the “noughties” divas after you’ve drank one (or six) Gin+Vodka+Cava+OJ cocktails.

As much as spending the night in with your friends watching chick flicks, practising your “Dance For You” dance routine (one day I will be able to do this) I’m kind of looking forward to payday so I can make myself look like a human being and emerge from the house to experience a social life and other humans.

Anybody else can’t wait to see the end of January?

*collaborative post