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When you look back over the last couple of decades it’s amazing how technology has progressed, esepecially since I was a young ‘un (I’m only 26 – give me a break).  I remember in my early years I would forego my lunchtimes of playing tick at school to sit in the classroom of Mrs Jackson (my English teacher, I was her class pet) to write short stories in my best Parker fountain pen in an A5 ruled exercise book and letting my 9 year old imagination run wild.

When I was a little older, I was given an Olivetti manual typewriter as a gift from Santa Claus and I absolutely cherished it.   It had its own carrying bag and I would pack it away after every session of writing stories or penpal letters on my new favourite toy along with a wallet of A4 plain paper (and a bottle of Tipex)

As technology progressed and elecicity was evented (THATS A JOKE, I’M NOT THAT OLD) my parents replaced my little Olivetti with an electric typewriter and it was a wonderous thing. Where the keys of the manual typewriter would jam or stick together, the keyboard on the electric typewriter allowed my fingers to fly over the keys.  It even had a built in eraser which meant I could say bye bye to Mr Tipex.

After the electric keyboard there was my first desktop PC which I would use primarily for my homework (and for writing fan fiction – tell anyone and I’ll kill you) and it was also on that desktop PC that I underwent my first voyage into the world of blogging. I would spend hours on that PC signed into dial up AOL internet (remember THAT connecting noise?) and publishing my thoughts on my anonymous Livejournal which mostly went unread. In my teenage years the blogging circle was small and mainly geared towards blogs in a “Dear Diary” kind of sense as opposed to the blogs of today.  Dear Diary, I like a boy.  Dear Diary, the boy doesn’t like me.  Sounds pretty similiar to mine now to be honest.  I’ve had a few domain names because I’ve been around the bloggosphere a fair bit and I remebered one of the first that I bought was – deep and emo enough for you?

When I outgrew the desktop and the loneliness that being sat in your bedroom waiting for your crush to sign into MSN can bring, I upgraded to an all singing all dancing laptop and the freedom which came with it was immense. I could write in my bedroom, infront of the TV, in the garden in the sunshine, I could take it to my friends house.. I could log on there and continue writing or replying to my crush on Myspace or MSN wherever I wanted to.  The world was my oyster.  As long as I had an internet connection.

It’s not so easy to throw your laptop into your bag and crack it out on the bus or the train.   Laptops are expensive and clunky items so whipping them out here there and everywhere can mean elbowing the person next to you on the train or looking like one of those pretentious but fabulous people in Starbucks (I always have money on the fact that they’re either looking at Facebook, playing solitaire or leaving comments on the Daily Mail).  I also live in constant fear that someday someone will get their hands on my laptop and my treasure trove of secrets and unpublished pieces will be the property of some sticky fingered miscreant.hpslatetablet“On the go” is basically my life at the minute.  Its not often that I get to sit down at my laptop for a good couple of hours like I used to and just write.  I’m tweeting on the go. Checking my bank on the go and blogging on the go.  The “Notes” section of my phone had become one of my most trusted allies (I did have post it notes and a notepad but one gust of wind when trying to scribble an idea during a potential storm would mean my ideas would litter the pavements like confetti) and then the HP Slate came into my life. Despite saying I would never succumb to a tablet hype, the HP Slate (you can see the product spec etc over at Argos ) has possibly been the biggest enabler of “on the go” productivity for my blog. This tablet is a little dinkier than its friends, which means its slimline and lightweight enough for me to carry on a day to day basis in my handbag alongside everthing else I’d be lost without (keys, purse, three hundred lipsticks, a diary which I intend to use but I’ve gotten so “2014” that I do it all digitally anyway, loose chewing gums and some hand cream). When I received my Slate I downloaded and installed all my “must have” blog items: a notepad app, Twitter, my email accounts, the WordPress app and some simple crop/resize photograph editor in the attempts to try and swerve my “I’m too busy” excuses to blog.

I have ideas for blog posts in the most obscure of places, the bath, on the bus, at the checkout in Tesco, sat in the theatre… and because they come to me out of nowhere I feel the need to brain vomit somewhere quickly before it disappears. With this tablet I don’t have the fuss of fully loading my laptop up when it’s in shut down mode or risk draining the precious battery on my iPhone by abusing Notes. I’m straight into my Notepad app or straight into WordPress to jot down any ideas to save myself from losing BLOGGING GOLD. I’ve taken to uploading photographs into draft WordPress posts when I’m on my laptop and then when I have a train journey or a wait in a coffee shop I can pull this out, connect to the Wifi (or make use of the handy 3G data pack that comes with it) and start to fill the empty text box with writing, hit publish… hey presto, blog post from a train.  Could I BE anymore “on the go”?hpslatewordpressapp

Of course, I couldn’t stop at just blogging apps, a girls got to have a (bit) of downtime in her life, which is where apps like YouTube, Netflix and Bloglovin come in useful. Years of abuse of my laptop means that videos can sometimes buffer like hell, but on the Slate they stream perfectly. So much so that at Christmas I developed something known as “Slate Claw” when I watched both series’ of Sherlock within 3 days as I gorged myself on Quality Street and imagined being Benedict Cumberbatched.

What I’m about to say next may sound a little.. “Tumblr” and I feel there should be some deep and meaningful Photoshop graphic to accompany it (if you’re partial to sentimental spewing you better look away now)….but looking back over the evolution of technology from my little Olivetti to the tablets of today combined with the ease in which we can publish our work to an audience at the click of a button makes me kind of nostalgic to think of the little ginger girl with her A4 ruled notebook, a bottle of Tippex and a Parker fountain pen wanting to write and have people read and enjoy it.  To look at me now, all these years later with the same love of the written wordas back then but with the ability through the use of technology to write for an audience of people who  (hopefully) enjoy what I write is, in short, amazing.

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