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I know I’m meant to be a blogger and by blogger rules, I should a) own a cat and b) love to drink tea. I don’t have a cat, I have a dog (Ted) and I’m also not a massive fan of hot drinks. I know some people fail to function without their daily hit of caffeine in the form of tea or a coffee, but the only hot drinks I ever got excited about until recently were the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Then Terri Lowe introduced me to the Starbucks Chai Lattes and a love affair was born. There’s something about the slightly perfumed and spiced taste of a Chai latte (and the foam) that has won my heart. I picked up some of the Chai Vanilla teabags from the Tesco Finest range, which are pretty damn delicious, and then Terri being the lovely girl that she is (and not at all the complete and utter pr!ck she comes across as being online) brought me a sachet of this Spiced Chai Tea Latte from Drink Me Chai.imageThis basically combines the taste of a regular Chai latte and the spice from a Pumpkin latte. Oh I swooned at my desk. It’s as easy as tipping the sachet into the cup, adding boiling water and stirring – voila. A steaming cup of heaven.

Imageine my absolute delight to then discover that they also sell this in a tub (like a hot chocolate tub) in Tesco for a bargain £1.99.  Going to buy some posh biscuits, some cinnamon and nutmeg and turn my kitchen into my very own Starbz.

Recommend me some winter drink favourites to wrap my frozen hands around.

  • I’ll see if I have any sachets of the Earl Grey Latte left, you should like that if you like this!!

  • Ooh I love this stuff, I have a post coming up about the vanilla version soon, I’ve become addicted this month, definitely worth buying the tub mines lasted me a good few weeks now :) x

  • Ami

    I’m hooked on chai lattes! The vanilla one is lovely and even lovelier with milk instead of water. Also a good summer drink when iced.

  • Chai tea is my favourite too! Tomorrow I’m posting a review on teapigs who do a fantastic chai tea. I’ve found that all the loose leaf and bagged chai’s I’ve tried have all been a bit meh but this one is lovely. Check it out. I think it’s scheduled for about 10am UK time.