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Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014

Awards in the bloggosphere throw up as much debate as the “is it breakfast, lunch and dinner” or “breakfast, dinner and tea” fiasco.

In true Dragons Den style I’ll tell you where I am on both counts. When it comes to the order of meals I’m a northern(ish) breakfast, dinner and tea scally and “lunchtime” is just a part of a “lunchtime saver menu”.

When it comes to blog awards I’m a little undecided.

On the one hand I don’t think they matter on the grand scheme of things. I’m a massive believer in blogging for yourself and your audience and if you’re enjoying what you’re putting out there and others happen to do so too, then you’re winning (HASHTAG WINNING).

On the other hand, we all love to be loved, so having your hard work, sweat and tears appreciated on a grand scale is never going to be something to turn your nose up at. Blogging takes up a lot of time and energy. Days spent with friends socialising are often passed up in favour of your bed and your PJs to do much needed email administration and post editing as well as thinking up interesting posts and staying on top of social media to keep your blog “in the limelight” and growing an audience. I don’t think a lot of people realise that, especially not “non bloggers”, so I think it’s important to show some appreciation for the blogs that make us laugh when we’re feeling a little blue, who give us outfit envy, teach us how to achieve the perfect smokey eye, enable our spending and make our mouths water at their scrumptious recipes.

Which is why, if Ginger Girl Says makes you do any of the above and you think “You know what? That tubby ginger girl who’s shit at dating deserves a bloody award for her blog” then you can nominate me now.

I sit somewhere between the Best Sex and Relationship Blog category and the Best Lifestyle Blog category so nominating me in either would be blooming marvellous.

If I make it through the nomination stage that would be amazing and I’d do a celebratory dance (there will be no evidence of this).  If I don’t you can sleep soundly knowing that I very much appreciate your time and effort spent nominating me and I’ll continue sweating, bleeding and dating badly in order to keep you entertained.

Click here to nominate.


  • Hummy

    I’ve nominated you.