CHRISTMAS || Christmas Films

Along with Christmas songs, what the Christmas period calls for is festive films – and there’s a lot of them!  There’s something about it being Christmas which allows for lying on the sofa in your PJ’s (y’know, the new ones you got from your nan), drinking Bailey’s/Snowballs and eating your weight in turkey baps and Quality Street (the orange and strawberry ones) and watching festive films.

Year after year the TV gods manage to schedule up exactly the same films as they did the previous year and every single year I’m willing to lay in the exact same position with the exact same selection of food and rewatch for what must be the millionth year in a row (I tend to be a little over dramatic).

And why is that?

Because they’re classics, and because the TV gods know everything.  

My favourite Christmas films?


love_actually_perfectLove Actually – you can’t beat a bit of Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon and love storylines which spread over the festive period which tie themselves together post Christmas pud.  And of course the best scene from a Christmas film EVER when THIS happens….the_holiday

the_holiday2The Holiday – Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black show us that love can blossom at the most unexpected times.  This is a new addition to my Christmas movies list, I think I saw it for the first time last year but I’ve watched it about 4/5 times since then.  THE SHAME.  Its shamelessly cheesy, but Jude Law is a babe in it.


soundofmusic_2Sound of Music – this for me is a CLASSIC Christmas with the family film.  As much as it isn’t “technically” a Christmas film because it doesn’t have reindeers or snow or even Santa for that matter, it IS a classic boxing day film.  A million Von Trapp kids and Julie Andrews as a singing nun, Sound of Music is one to have me singing “My Favourite Things” into my Baileys.home_aloneHome Alone 1&2 – you can’t do Christmas films without including Home Alone 1&2.  In fact, I would argue that if there was some law passed which said I wasn’t allowed to watch Home Alone at Christmas then I wouldn’t celebrate Christmas.  THE END. As for a favourite between 1&2, I’m a bigger fan of Home Alone 2 than I am the original… I can practically quote the entire damn film and the part where Marv gets electrocuted and turns into a skeleton?  I pee almost everytime.blooming-christmasFather Christmas – THIS is an old classic for me which reminds me of being *cough* young and is a short film about what Santa does the 364 days of the year when he’s not being Santa Claus.

In most peoples Christmas “must watch” films there are films like The Grinch, Elf, Jingle All The Way…. none of which I have seen but according to half of the world I’m committing some kind of festive film sin by not having done so.

What festive films will you be watching this Christmas?

  • Definitely with you on Home Alone 2 over the first! If you like Jim Carrey then you HAVE TO watch the Grinch – personally don’t massively rate the others, so I guess I’m with you on the festive film sinning.

  • Matt

    Glad another person has to watch Father Christmas! It’s a lovely little animation and fab song with “It’s another bloomin’ Christmas

  • Gaelle (@lipstickergosum)

    Love actually is a classic for me. And ‘that’ scene, swoon!