LIFE || Bad Habits

According to Wikipedia:

A bad habit is a negative behaviour pattern.

Everybody has a bad habit or two or more. I could name several bad habits that my friends and family have and most probably fill an entire page of A4 with the bad habits of a previous boyfriend (chronic untidiness) or a previous housemate (nail biting). Some habits can be more annoying than what the dictionary definition of bad would be, but some such as smoking and excessive drinking can affect your everyday life and your future. When I first sat down to think about my bad habits in order to write this blog post I thought I had none, Miss Freaking Perfect over here.  After thinking a little bit longer I discovered I was riddled with them… *gulp*


Procrastination on social media: I’m the queen of procrastination. Tell me I should be cleaning my house top to bottom till I can see my face in the floor or that I should be catching up on bills before Ted and I are out on our backsides with a stick and a handkerchief to hold our worldly possessions (bones and lipsticks, FYI) and you’ll find me in a range of yogalike positions with my hand frozen into the iPhone claw as my thumb throbs from the RSI of scrolling my screen. Light turns to dark as I continue to scroll through the depths of Twitter and Facebook, reading about the bowel movements/seeing baby photos/chuckling out loud at other peoples life updates.  My house looks like something off Kim & Aggy’s “How Clean is Your House” and my bank account turns from black to red BUT ITS OKAY because I’ve just see what Britney Spears had for her dinner.


Not replying to messages: Seeing as my iPhone is more or less attached to my hand, you’d think I’d be the queen of replying to messages.  That no soon as a message has PINGED into one of many ways of contacting me (text, Whatsapp, Facebook, emails etc) I’d be happy tapping away my reply.  But I don’t.  BECAUSE OF THE ABOVE BAD HABIT.  I’ll open a message, read it with all intention to reply to my mum about what I’m having for tea or from a friend asking what the plans are for next Friday, but I close the app down and vow “I’ll reply in a minute”.  Cue an angry message a couple of hours later from a friend to ask why I’m ignoring them or a phone call from the mother presuming I’ve died.  With this in mind, you should see how angry I get when people don’t reply to me.


Spot squeezing: One of the first lessons we’re taught from the “important things that girls should know about life” bible is about spots and why we shouldn’t squeeze them.  Infecting the spots, causing scarring, spreading germs to other areas of the face….BLAH BLAH BLAH.  All of those reasons are overruled by the restless finger syndrome I seem to suffer when I can feel the tell tale tingles of a spot growing within my skin.  Whether its a hard and painful lump which hasn’t quite made it to the surface or a so called “custard” spot, I will not rest until the infestation is gone.


Staying up late: Experts say that we need 8-12 hours sleep a night in order to feel refreshed and feel the benefit of our evening of slumber.  I’m usually lucky if I get between 6-8 hours a night (no wonder I’m so irritable).   When other normal humans tell me about how they “went to bed at 10:30, I was shattered” I guilty mumble something about getting to bed “a little later than that” – which usually means my head hit the pillow at around 2am.  I’d blame the likes of Netflix or blogging on my inability to sleep before midnight, but the truth is I think I may well have a little bit of a nocturnal vampire inside me (or a hamster) which means that trying to be a good girl and being in bed at 10:30 leaves me lay on my back, full of Ovaltine or any other warm malted drink and counting 5 billion and 73 sheep.


Hitting the snooze button: most probably related to the last point.  How many alarms do you set in the morning? 1? 2?  I set 6.  I kid you not.  6 alarms with different “names”.  These range from “Wake up and look wonderful!” at 6:30am to “Get up you’re going to look like sh*t” at 8:15am.  Did I mention I’m in work at 9am?  I’ve tried all kinds of alarm tones, classic “BRRRRRRRINNNNNGGGGGGG”, a Beyonce song to make me all “I woke up like this” and still…SNOOZE.  I even tried to put my phone across the other side of the room so I would physically drag my backside out of bed in order to stop the noise.  Did that work?  Nah.  I’d jump back into my pit practically cuddling my (now silent) phone and eventually end up with the phone half way down the bed, my entire body weight ontop of it and thus my flab and flubber muffling the sound of any further alarms.  WHOOPS.


Snacking – I once saw a fridge magnet along the lines of “Fridge Pickers Wear Big Knickers” and my backside and panties certainly testify to that degree as I am what they call a snacker.  A picker.  I’m the girl you’ll find eating cubes of cheese from the packet whilst my actual meal cooks away in the oven.  Or the girl who can sit on the sofa watching Orange is the New Black and demolish an entire bag of so called “sharing” bags of crisps.  On journeys away from the house for more than half an hour I have a handbag full of snackable goodness just incase I get peckish (there’s no just incase about it, I’m constantly peckish).  On this one i made a little bit of a bad habit break through in that I’ve conciously began to substitute the cheese, crisps and “snack size” pork pies for more healthy foods such as carrot sticks, hummus and fruit pots (I’ve not seen any change in the size of my knickers tho, FYI)

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Buying lipsticks – Hi my name is Charlotte and I’m a lipstick addict.  On my last count I had over 30 lipsticks, please note that I’m not including lip balms or glosses or any other kind of lip “anything” in that number.  7 of those 30 are red lipsticks.  I have a habit of buying lipsticks purely because I want them.  Need doesn’t come into it when I’m stood at a makeup stand, swatching a bullet of colour on the back of my hand and “oooooooh”ing and “aaahhhhhh”ing at the crimson or fuschia stripe against my porcelain skin.  “But don’t you have a million others that are exactly the same colour?” is a question I’ve been asked several (hundred) times before but still I trot to the till with my cash in hand, only to lose that lipstick in one of my many handbags (that may be another bad habit I have, dammit) and buy the exact same colour a couple of weeks later.  The way I figure, I don’t really have a real “VICE”, I don’t smoke, drink excessively or do drugs so overspending on lipstick can’t be that much of an issue.  Right?  RIGHT!?!?!?!

Those are mine, what are YOUR bad habits?