Aromatherapy Associates Joy Candle

Just like woolly jumpers and berry lips are part pf the unofficial requirements for winter, it’s the winter months that I find myself reaching for candles to add a glimmer of a flame into my living room, bedroom or bathroom to add a firey glow and an aroma that envelopes the room. Through the summer months I don’t find myself reaching for our wax friends as much as I do in the winter and this year has been no exception. I’ve been a longtime lover of oil burners and have accumulated a fair few of the ceramic burners, an array of wax tarts in a whole host of different scents and have possibly bought enough packets of tealights to complete a band of tealights around the equator (I’m not over exaggerating).

Being a fan of the Aromatherapy Associates luxurious bath oils and the relaxing qualities they have and ability to unwind the most tightly wound of minds, the festive sounding Joy Candle* from the recent Christmas collection immediately caught my attention. A hand-poured and quality multi wick candle combining the seductive combination of rose and ginger essential oils, this floral and spicy fragrance sounded like it would be right at home to bring in the festive season. As with the bath oils, I found the scent of the candle filled my small but perfectly packaged living room without being too over powering – I hate it when you literally have to be centimetres from a candle to feel any nasal benefits. I like to walk into a wall of scent and even smell the fragrance travelling throughout the house and this candle most definitely did this.

The only downside I’d say about this candle is the price. I’m not big on spending a crazy amount on candles alone but would part with my hard earned money for something that lasts. At the pricier end of £45 I would expect a longer burning time – the directions advise that there are over 42 hours of use, however I found it burnt away quite quickly and I almost felt as though I was rationing myself.

*edit* I’ve seen that the Joy Candle is currently on sale on the Aromatherapy Associates website for half price at £22.50 – considering the candle comes gift boxed it would be an ideal gift for somebody else or as a post Christmas treat to carry on that festive joy. At just over the price you’d pay for a large Yankee candle the quality and intensity of this candle is most definitely worth investing in.

Plus side? The candle comes in a pretty hefty frosted glass jar which once burned down and cleared out would come in handy for some thrifty dressing table storage.