Let’s Talk About Hair Loss

In an image conscious world of beauty blogging with  review or feature after another of the latest lipstick to be causing a stir or a perfume that makes you smell of the aroma of everything that is amazing, it’s easy to get caught up in a somewhat superficial world. For me, sometimes beauty blogging feels like you’re the girl who accidentally wandered backstage at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show of leggy, clear skinned beauty’s with manes of lustrous hair who don’t require the power of an Instagram filter. Which is why sometimes it can be quite daunting to point out your flaws on such a public forum and discuss your hang ups or “body issue” struggles so personally, but as xameliax pointed out – since when has embarrassing myself on my blog mattered?

Isn’t a percentage of the point in blogging to provide a review of products, beauty or otherwise or even a service for others to peruse or to stumble across via good old Google. I think sometimes as bloggers we forget that it’s not just other bloggers who read our blogs, it’s members of the general public with a smart phone or computer with an Internet connection who may click on our link after a good old keyword search in the hunt for some honest and candid reviews on a product before parting with their hard earned money. I know I’ve done the same: typed in a product name and waited for the blog links to load up before clicking through onto familiar blog names or happily discovered a new one. But sometimes, like tonight, I’ll type in a product name in the hopes of multiple reviews to try and weigh up an overall feel for the product and at the most one or two reviews will load up. It’s the taboo subject areas that don’t really get the webspace when it comes to the bloggosphere, we’re all well and good to talk lashes, lips and eyeshadow palettes but when it comes to the products we really want the skinny on, they’re very few and far between because of the stigma they bring with them.


The product I was searching for was Viviscal.  A hair growth and hair care brand with celeb fans such as Gwynnie and Kate Hudson.

So why Viviscal*?  Is it because I wanted to boost my locks into some Rapunzel like mane?  Was I after celeb style thick hair without the hair extensions?  Well, not exactly.

I’m suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss is something I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in over the last couple of years. Not only have I felt my handful of a thick head of hair decrease and become what I would describe as fine.  Each time I’ve tied my hair up I begin noticing that I could see my scalp through my hair in one patch in particular. What I refer to as my “bald spot”.  Unless I wear my hair tied back its not something that is noticeably visible and with this in mind I’ve begun wearing my hair down much more so as not to draw attention to it.  It isn’t just in this one area that I’ve noticed hair loss, there was a point where I began to notice clumps of hair in my hairbrush and in the bath after washing my hair and I had flashbacks to a documentary I saw about Gail Porter and Alopecia.

I’ve tended not to mention my “bald spot” to anybody before, partly because it embarrasses me to talk about because my hair is kind of my thing and also because I did the old age trick of believing that burying my head in the sand and pushing it to the back of my mind would rectify the situation entirely. Which we all know from some experience or another that it doesn’t work. When I have found myself researching the subject, usually on my iPhone in the middle of the night after getting a peek of it when blow drying my hair, I’ve stumbled across the same few theories: stress, wearing your hair tied back too tightly, alopecia, hair pulling, over styling… the list goes on.  After styling my hair one day I felt the cool of my fingertips directly against my skin and it was then that I realised this “bald spot” was getting larger:  right now it sits at around a 50 pence piece in size  just above my ear.  I’ve had the Viviscal Serum and maximum strength tablets sat in my cupboard for the last few months, probably since the last time I gave myself a headache blazing through the internet at 1am whilst having nightmare thoughts that I would wake up completely bald.

“Bald Girl Says” doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it.

After discussing the spot with my hairdresser and analysing a photograph I took which was extremely zoomed in and thus, terrifying, I established that although there is certainly hair loss there is also hair regrowth in the form of baby fine hairs which when further researched on the www (world wide web) implies that the correct nutrients on the inside may be contributing to the loss.

Which is when I decided to stop avoiding, suck it up, take those “scary” boxes out of the cupboard and do something about it.


When I couldn’t really find any reviews of the brand on a public forum I found and joined a private Facebook group where users discuss their experiences and feedback at different points of the treatment.  It was then that I realised that this “taboo” subject isn’t just one that keeps me up at night.  There are other ladies “pulling their hair out” (see what I did there) at their lacklustre or shedding hair.  Which is when I thought –  maybe this in issue that i’s keeping somebody else up at night and causing them the stress and worry  – lets face it, if its triggered by stress then stressing about it is only going to make it worse – right?

I’ve just started my treatment and aim to provide an update on here within a month or so to feedback on what difference I’m noticing (if any) OR to showcase and amazing repertoire of fabulous wigs.  Wish me luck.

* Viviscal kindly provided me with a months worth of their Maximum Strength and Hair and Scalp Serum but the hair despair is real.

  • What a great post. Please don’t be embarrassed about hair loss I know that won’t make you feel any better about it but I do feel your pain about this. I used to have long thick hair but having gone through a lot of eating “problems” I lost a lot of hair and ended up chopping the full lot off and “starting again”. I really hope that these products work for you xox


  • Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve been absolutely terrified because my hair has been falling out (not in huge amounts but it’s fine enough already) and I want something to stop it in its tracks and help build it up a bit. Might just give this a go :)
    Thanks again, and no need to be embarrassed x

  • LY

    Great post … I’m keen to hear the results. Did this product help? What else have you tried?

    I’ve recently acquired a small circular hairless patch right on my fringeline – almost impossible to hide.

    My GP mentioned it could thyroid related – so would love to hear other’s thoughts